JOBS REPORT: Economy Adds 80,400 Part-Time Jobs, But 16,900 Full-Time Jobs Lost

Overall numbers continue pointing to weakening economy.

The latest jobs numbers from Statistics Canada reveal that Canada lost 16,900 full-time jobs in September.

Meanwhile, 80,400 jobs part-time jobs were created.

The unemployment rate fell from 6% to 5.9%, though this is often because those who give up looking for work are not counted among the unemployed.

In Q3 of 2018, the Canadian economy added 65,800 jobs, all of which were part-time.

In Q1 & Q2, there was a small gain in full-time jobs, which was offset by a drop in part-time jobs, leading to zero net new jobs being created.

To get a sense of how the economy has slowed, by September of 2017, 253,000 jobs had been created, while just 48,700 have been added from the start of 2018 through to September.

Additionally – and something that is rarely mentioned – is that Canada is experiencing record-high immigration. This means that because more people are entering the country than jobs being created, the true jobs picture is far worse than it appears.

Spencer Fernando

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Does anyone really even believe these numbers? I am afraid I do not. They want the interest rates up, so they want the employment rate below 6% etc. Lieberals lie, I do not believe this also there is no way to find out where all the part time work was questionably created, or if these are are though these employment agencies and counted twice? again at the job site? or if it was just a few weeks or days work????? what is it?


And how many jobs has the UNION created? They seem to live of the public by taking the public union dues to spend it on rallies, helping the liberal gov and giving themselves lavish lifestyles.

shawn harris

Canada’s economy is in trouble when the economy produces more part time jobs than full time jobs. Which, part time jobs usually pay far less than full time jobs and are always less secure. So, this is Trudeau’s method of helping workers join the so called middle class, by having them accept part time low wage jobs; which is a big slap in the face to all workers, especially when he was given an economy in 2015 that far more full time workers than part time. Also this is the type of economy that results from high taxes, punishing regulations… Read more »