Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Fraud Is Collapsing

Canadians can see through Trudeau & McKenna’s lies.

For some time, Justin Trudeau and Catherine McKenna were able to use a combination of threats and propaganda to sell the carbon tax, keeping provincial leaders on the defensive and giving the false appearance of widespread support for the tax.

But now, that fraud is collapsing.

Provincial leaders that once supported the tax have been defeated in numerous provinces, and provinces that were once willing to work with Trudeau have been outraged at his arrogance and unwillingness to listen, and are now fighting the tax.

Now, the desperate Trudeau Liberals are left with nothing but easily discredited talking points:

According to the CP, Trudeau said “Pollution should not be free anywhere across this country,” Trudeau said Friday at an event in Windsor, Ont. His comments came after provincial opposition to the carbon price plan gained even more strength this week when Manitoba did a sudden about-face on its intention to impose a $25-per-tonne carbon price this fall. Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister said he was backing off because he could not get Ottawa to promise it wouldn’t force Manitoba to raise the price or risk the federal government imposing its own, additional carbon tax on top of it.”

Trudeau is now claiming that Canadians “asked us to do this in 2015.”


First of all, the carbon tax isn’t about pollution. It’s about ripping more money out of the pockets of Canadians and weakening our economy.

Second, Canadians didn’t ask for a carbon tax. Trudeau barely campaigned on it, didn’t make it a key issue, and didn’t give Canadians honest numbers about what it would cost. In fact, the Trudeau government still won’t tell Canadians what it will cost. So how could they have a mandate for it?

The reality is that Trudeau has zero mandate for a carbon tax. In fact, he has even less than zero, since multiple provincial governments openly campaigned against the tax and then won big – particularly in Ontario.

As noted by Conservative MP Mike Lake, it’s all falling apart for Trudeau, saying “This is the absolute cornerstone of their climate plan, and it’s disintegrating around them.”

If Trudeau cared about what Canadians really thought, he would listen to the provinces and scrap the carbon tax. But instead, he’s ignoring what voters have been saying, and planning to impose it anyway. So, despite the fact that belief in his carbon tax fraud has collapsed, he’s going to force it on Canadians.

That means the only way to ensure the carbon tax is scrapped is to ensure the Trudeau Liberals are scrapped in the next election.

Spencer Fernando

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fred Dimmick

Gee, poor Justin. If the carbon tax rip off fails I wonder what fresh scam he will think up to get the funds for his grandiose international Trudeau image promotion?

Moe. S.

There he goes again using his fake language. Trudeau for months used the words “carbon” which is carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Now he changes to the word ‘pollution.’ Two entirely different things. Which is it? Carbon tax or pollution tax? What an idiot.

phil alexander

Our holier than thou leader should start his pollution crusade against the large cities and towns that dump raw sewage in our lakes and rivers. Next he could go back to China to lecture them on their polluting and see how that goes. The last time he was there, he turned tail and ran after trying to ram his “progressive” ideas down their throats attached to a trade deal they rejected.

russ browne

Trudeau does not talk about how China and India are the two biggest contributors to carbon dioxide emissions, what Canada does is not going to affect the atmosphere very much. Meanwhile emissions have been going down in the USA without a carbon dioxide tax tax. Hypocrite Trudeau continues to fly around the world polluting the skies for his vacations. Do what I say not as I do. Average global temperatures also dropped by .56 degrees celcius between 2016 and 2017.