VIDEO: Senator Susan Collins Announces She’ll Vote “Yes” On Kavanaugh

With Senator Collins & Senator Joe Manchin announcing their support for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, his confirmation is all but certain.

In what is probably the most subtle, yet strongest denunciation of the increasingly unhinged radical-left ‘resistance,’ U.S. Senator Susan Collins from Maine ripped into the smear campaign against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and stood up for the presumption of innocence and Kavanaugh’s judicial record.

Collins made it clear that there were no corroborating witnesses for any of the allegations brought against Kavanaugh, and said she was confident that the supplemental FBI investigation further showed that the case against Kavanaugh simply wasn’t strong.

She also slammed whoever leaked the letter from Christine Blasey Ford – who had wanted to remain confidential – saying that Ford was used by those who wanted to destroy Kavanaugh’s chance at getting to the Supreme Court.

Here’s a key part of Collins speech:

After Collins announced her “Yes” vote, West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin announced he would vote “Yes” as well.

Here’s what Manchin said in a statement on Twitter:

Here’s what Manchin said to reporters:

Collins’ full speech – which is lengthy but worth watching – can be seen below:

With the support of key swing votes Collins & Manchin, Kavanaugh’s confirmation is now all but certain.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube