WATCH: Doug Ford & Jason Kenney Hold “SCRAP THE CARBON TAX” Rally

Opposition to Trudeau’s hated tax continues to surge.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford and United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney are holding a Scrap the Carbon Tax rally in Calgary.

The rally comes as opposition to the Trudeau’s carbon tax surges across the country, with Manitoba becoming the latest province to turn against it.

Canadians are coming together to fight against Trudeau’s dictatorial imposition of the tax, and the Scrap the Carbon Tax rally is a great step towards crushing the Trudeau Liberals.

You can watch the rally below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook

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Go Doug Ford! Go Jason Kenney! Thank you, and thank you Saskatchewan and Manitoba!


Doug, Ontarions are very proud of having a Premier “For the People”. I hope that you can visit the rest of the Provinces and Convince them to see the Light. Hopefully, they will realize that our Thief of a PM and his band of monkeys Liberals Party are being lied to and are ONLY working for themselves and NOT for Canadians!