WATCH: Trudeau’s Negative Politics Hypocrisy Exposed

The evidence speaks for itself.

In a new video, the Conservatives have effectively exposed Justin Trudeau’s total hypocrisy on negative politics.

Trudeau recently claimed the next federal election could be the most ‘nasty’ campaign ever.

He was attempting to put the blame for his own prediction on his opponents, claiming the Liberals wouldn’t go negative.

But the facts say otherwise.

Just a day later, Trudeau called Lisa Raitt and the Conservatives “ambulance chasing politicians.”

And it’s not the first time he’s totally gone negative.

He has regularly demonized the Conservatives – even saying that ‘fear’ was the biggest threat in the world while claiming Conservatives were spreading fear (thus calling Conservatives the biggest threat in the world), swore at a Conservative MP in Parliament, and bumped into a female MP while angrily pushing through a crowd.

Ahmed Hussen called Lisa Raitt “Not-Canadian” for opposing illegal border crossers, and Bill Morneau called Lisa Raitt a “Neanderthal” for opposing Trudeau’s policies.

So, the people doing the demonization have been the Liberals. They’re the ones going negative. They’re the ones trying to divide Canadians. And Trudeau is trying to distract from that truth by claiming it’s the fault of his opponents.

In the video below, watch as the Conservatives expose Trudeau’s hypocrisy:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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He gets more disgusting and offensive every day. The reactions and statements of Butts, Trudeau and his Ministers show they are terrified. Typical leftist fascists – attack with gutter language and insults. What’s next – violence? Canada already gets enough of that from his illegals.

Don Taylor

The biggest threat in Canada is the liberal party with Justin Trudeau as its leader,provinces are turning against the Liberals right now with good reason


Our PM has his agenda’s well planned from the UN. Bought and paid for given the paid for Election in 2015. His reigns are tighten & it’s showing !
Vote to take back Canada from the UN

shawn harris

Trudeau’s holier than thou routine has worn very thin with the public. And with more voters now wanting to replace Trudeau, it is no wonder why Trudeau is now lashing out in even more aggressive language and willing to even place the blame for his failures and even his possible failure to be re elected as PM. on the Conservatives. Trudeau’s accusations, blaming others and name calling , show that , like most far left socialists, when confronted with both the reality and truth about their lies, they have nothing left say or offer, but to lie deceive, obfuscate and… Read more »

Moe. S.

Opposition leader Scheer and his Federal Conservative party will have to learn to win ugly than lose nobly. David Axelrod, former senior strategist for the Obama campaign is involved with the Trudeau Liberal election campaign. The old model was an ugly win was considered a loss. Not anymore. The Democrats are fighting for power and it’s ugly at all costs. Trudeau and his ilk are just warming up for the big win ugly.

Elizabeth Thorne

I am betting the Liberals will lose party status in 2019. Canadians are very tired of the racists, divide and conquer, global world garbage. We Canadians are absolutely wonderful people we just need to get rid of all the very unCanadian Liberals. 2019


Have to get the message it is not happening with still younger voter’s not hearing the Facts


Trudeau has been exposed for his dishonesty and irrational behaviour zillions of times. And although his fan club of haters keep on growing exponentialy, it does not change a thing. He keeps on changing laws to promote crimes, to protect murderers. He has been proven unfit at all levels for a long time and he is still running this country. The laws will have to be changed when posssible so that no government can ever have a majority again. Otherwise, we face a dictatorship ran by a mentally defective leader. I think Trudeau is trying to emulate Kim Jong-un.