BREAKING: By 50-48 Vote, Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed To U.S. Supreme Court

By narrow margin, Kavanaugh and the Republicans overcome left-wing smear campaign.

Amid screams by leftist protesters, the U.S. Senate confirmed Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh was confirmed by a narrow margin along a party-line vote, with the exception of Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski – who voted no but then withdrew her vote in order to ‘pair’ it with a Republican colleague who would have voted ‘yes’ – and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin – who vote ‘Yes.’

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence presided over the vote, as he would have served as the tie-breaking vote if it was necessary.

Pence had to repeatedly call for the Sergeant-at-Arms to restore order amid protesters.

It was not necessary, and Kavanaugh was confirmed by a 50-48 margin.

The Kavanaugh confirmation process was turned into an absurd circus, as the Democrats brought forth numerous uncorrobarated allegations of misconduct against Kavanaugh from his high school days, allegations which became more and more absurd as time went on.

While the final outcome was long uncertain, the suspense was brought to an end when Susan Collins – Republican Senator for the State of Maine – slammed the attempt by the left to destroy Kavanaugh, and took a stand for the presumption of innocence, and Kavanaugh’s judicial record.

The confirmation of Kavanaugh gives the Republicans a clear majority on the U.S. Supreme Court, a majority which may now be cemented for decades.

Spencer Fernando

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Good show!! Now I hope he sues those lying, corrupt women!!


Happy for the United States, get away from these Democrats hurting your country, I hope they are not fooled by their U.N Democrat socialist media and vote for more Republicans in their senate to get their country cleaned up and away from the Globalist destroyers. Just like Canadians need to do here. I hope Andrew Scheer can clean up our whole judiciary system and make Canada back into a sovereign country again, NO post national U.N. state without borders.


An answer to prayer! Unbelievable what this man was put through!


So much for a Senate elected by the people compared the Canadian Senate appointed by the Prime Minister, who are to give a sober second thought for the province on Federal bills they suppose represent. In the US case with one Republican absent at his daughter wedding, and one Democrat voting yes, it passed. Can’t say they voted on party lines, had this one Democrat voted no it would have been tie. Then the VP Pence would have to vote, you can be sure he would of voted yes, to bad he didn’t have to then the the White House… Read more »