Jordan Hunt Arrested, Charged With Eight Counts Of Assault

Hunt was identified as the ‘man’ who roundhouse kicked a pro-life woman.

Jordan Hunt – the ‘man’ identified as the person on a video kicking pro-life woman Marie Claire Bissonnette – has turned himself in to Toronto Police and been arrested.

According to the Toronto Sun, “He faces eight counts of assault and seven counts of mischief under $5,000 relating to the Life Choice demonstration last Sunday afternoon at Keele and Bloor Sts.”

Additionally, Hunt has been charged with a count of assault from an incident that allegedly took place on August 2, 2018:

“In that case, police say, a group of anti-abortionists were protesting around noon near Dufferin and Dundas Sts. when they were approached by a man on a bike who tried to grab one of their signs and then pushed a woman into a pole before fleeing the scene.”

Once the original incident came to light, Hunt was quickly fired by Noble Studio 101 – a hair salon.

The video of Hunt kicking Bissonnette can be seen below:

As I said before, “This is the hatred of the radical left. Instead of just disagreeing with people, they want to silence and destroy those who dare to question them or express a different view.”

And in confirmation of that, Justin Trudeau has refused to confront the violent women-hating extremists of the radical left. When violence is committed against women who disagree with him, Trudeau is disgracefully silent, failing yet another test of leadership.

Trudeau and the radical left are becoming increasingly unhinged, and the risks to the Canadian People are adding up.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ron Voss

This leftist inspired individual now has a criminal record. Hope that this brings him to his senses.

Don Taylor

Justin Trudeau should never have been PM,he has divided the country more than any PM before him

F. D'soua

Trudeau was quick to condemn the fake hijab cutting incident. No apology on this factual hate crime


With the way the Liberal justice system works, he’ll be out and about within a few minutes. He should be thrown in jail for a week or two to show that these acts aren’t tolerated. Good luck with that.

Don Kleim

Wouldn’t be surprised if we seem him sitting among the loony liberals in the house of commons, right behind the idiot PM.

Eric Blair

Now what about those cops who told Marie Claire “what do you want us to do” when they showed up on the scene and didn’t get out of the squad car. Maybe Doug Ford somehow had a word with the Metro Police Chief and told him to get his officers to do their job.


So glad he was charged. His actions were so violent.

arthur carney

Hope the sorry sucker get more than a slap on the wrist,


Thanks for keeping us up to date on this nasty little piece of work. It was inevitable he would be found. I wonder just how he is going to play this latest opportunity to play victim.


Trudeau, ah ah what a feminist he is! Sure. Hunt excuse was so lame, there was zero credibility to his excuse. There is no excuse for attacking people because they have a different opinion. Again, he is obviously a liberal or Antifa promoter. Hate drives all their actions.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Surprised he got arrested in Toronto The Good. After all anti-abortionists are part of the bad – at least in Toronto – aren’t they? (I’m being sarcastic for those of you who don’t understand sarcasm.)

Fernando Falcao

Just because the prime minister doesn’t sleek to a case of violence the best you can come up with is?: “Trudeau and the radical left are becoming increasingly unhinged, and the risks to the Canadian People are adding up.” You seem to think that physical violence is a case of “left” or “right”? You seem to be a very simple man.

Mike Allan

Before you speak about both sides being violent,find one conservative that does evil deeds the left does continually.Were getting very tired of people saying both parties are involved.There’s only one evil party in Canada and that’s trudeau’ s libtards aholes.

Fernando Falcao

That should have read “doesn’t speak “. My apologies.

phil alexander

They were going to send him to a “Healing Lodge” but there was no room for him it turns out.


Well I’m glad his former workplace outed this guy. WTF is with the pentagram necklace and surgically split tongue though? It’s no wonder why he’s hanging out with feminist extremists.


Hair Salon Soyboy. Figures. Now try it with a man. Do let’s!