ISIS Terrorist From Canada Captured By Kurdish Forces, Could Go Free If He Returns To This Country

Possible return of ISIS terrorist Muhammad Ali (who went by Abu Turaab Al-Kanadi) is a reminder that Justin Trudeau thinks convicted terrorists should be able to keep their Canadian Citizenship.

A report from Global News reveals that an ISIS fighter from Canada named Muhammad Ali has been captured by Kurdish forces, but may go free in Canada if he is returned to this country.

Here are some key aspects from the report:

“His capture is significant because, aside from serving as a sniper, Ali used social media to encourage others to join ISIS and conduct terrorist attacks.”

“According to ISIS documents smuggled out of the region, Ali joined the terror group on April 24, 2014. His ISIS membership form indicated he asked to serve as a fighter.

Once he had joined, he made no secret about it, posting on social media accounts that he was a “soldier” in ISIS. “Everyone will die eventually. It’s inevitable,” he wrote. “Best to go out fighting for what you believe in.”

His Ask.FM account encouraged others to join ISIS, gave advice on how to do it and told recruits to contact him once they arrived in Turkey.

One online message suggested he had helped a group of Canadians cross into Syria to join ISIS. The friends are all believed to be from the Toronto area.

“Analysts still trying to figure out what radicalizes us,” a post on his Twitter account read. “Read the Quran … and look at the dire situation in Muslim Lands.”

He also posted explicit threats:

“He spoke about playing soccer with severed heads, wrote that homosexuals “should be killed” and posted ISIS’s incitement lines, such as: “Kill the disbeliever whether he is civilian of military.”

Following the deadly October 2014 terror attacks that killed Canadian soldiers in Quebec and Ottawa, he wrote, “First Ottawa, then Quebec. Strike them, just as they strike your brothers and sisters.”

“If you are unable to make hijra [travel abroad], know that you have permission to strike them in their lands. Kill a kaffir [non-believer] and secure you [sic] place in Jannah [heaven],” another post read.”

Yet, despite all of this, he may end up going free if he returns to Canada.

According to the report, the Kurds want to hand Ali over to Canadian authorities. But astoundingly, despite all of what you just read above, the authorities are ‘struggling’ to bring charges against ISIS fighters:

“Ali’s case has placed the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a difficult position. Kurdish officials want to hand Ali and a dozen other Canadians over to Ottawa.

However, with the RCMP struggling to bring charges against Canadians who have taken part in overseas terror groups, there is no guarantee Ali would face arrest upon his return.”

Obviously, the laws dealing with ISIS terrorists are far too weak. Ali should obviously be stripped of his citizenship and left to rot overseas.

The Conservatives had tried to take care of this problem, through strengthening the laws to enable terrorists to be stripped of citizenship, but they were opposed by the Liberals and the terrorist-sympathizers on the radical-left the whole time.

And now, because the Trudeau government is too weak to toughen the laws, and because Justin Trudeau believes that convicted terrorists should get to keep their Canadian Citizenship, an ISIS terrorist could end up walking our streets and putting the Canadian People at risk.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab

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Don Taylor

If this killer is left to remain a canadian citizen and walk the streets of our country then Trudeau and his govt should be kicked out of power and never allowed to govern again

Elaine Teichgraber

I have to laugh when Global says “Ali’s case has placed the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a difficult position”…nothing could be further from the truth. Trudeau himself changed the laws so that Convicted Islamic Terrorists could keep their passports and live amongst us. The claim that “with the RCMP struggling to bring charges against Canadians who have taken part in overseas terror groups” is also false, as they could charge ISIS terrorists with Treason but refuse to do so under orders of Justin Trudeau, who should, by the way, also be charged with Treason. The only question… Read more »


This Trudeau and puppets must be removed, they are destroying Canada. But this will be very likely as the new election Laws LIEberals are quickly trying to pass, makes it that you only need an election card to vote, no Canadian citizenship needed, the Toronto Sun (today) has an article also that migrant Mexican workers have received these voter cards already for the Toronto election, so will be on the list for the Federal election to vote, but they are not Canadian, so anyone can vote from anywhere in Canadian elections, so anyone ISIS or anyone wants to vote can,… Read more »


Please Kurds, keep him in prison. He would sooner learn a massive lesson from you for endangering your lives than he ever will in Canada. Put the ISIS in prison and call jihadi Justin to come and collect him personally. Jihadi Justin would be in the next plane to collect his ISIS TERRORISTS. And so will his reporters.


“what radicalizes us… read the Quran”

quoted for truth


Leave him there. Possession is 90%Of the law. They have him… they keep him.
He should not ever be considered a Canadian, he gave that up to fight against us.


Why are the NDP and Liberals being allowed to bring international criminals to Canada. Where are our laws being changed to support terrorists.


To the Kurds, soak your bullets in pigs blood b4 his and other ISIS fighters and execute them, then cover there bodies in pigs blood and allow the executioner to be female WE CANADIANS give u permission and our blessing to dispatch this filth