CONTRAST: Unlike Trudeau, Scheer Visits India Without Acting Like A Total Idiot (PHOTOS)

How tough was that?

We all remember Justin Trudeau’s totally disastrous India trip.

Among the endless debacles on the trip was Trudeau’s heavily ridiculed garb.

Trudeau and his wife dressed up so much that many people in India condemned their outfits, noting that most people in the country didn’t dress in Trudeau’s vision of ‘traditional’ style.

Among the photos for which Trudeau was heavily mocked is the one below:

Trudeau - India Vacation Disaster

Scheer shows how easy it is to not look like an idiot.

In an effort do undo some of the damage from Trudeau’s disastrous trip, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer went to India.

And in the photos below, you can see how easy it is for a leader to act like a regular person and avoid embarrassing themselves:

Also of note, the fact that India’s President met with Canada’s Opposition Leader is very important. India has not been happy with Trudeau, particularly because of Trudeau’s weakness on Khalistani terrorism and weakness on Islamist terror, both of which are big threats to India.

Andrew Scheer’s visit offers the opportunity of Canada-strengthening our ties with India, which is essential for our country going forward. As the world’s largest democracy, India shares many values with Canada, and is a young and growing market for Canadian goods.

And unlike China’s Communist regime, Canada can get closer to India without compromising what our nation stands for.

Scheer’s visit also showed something else: How nice it would be to have a PM who can represent Canada with class and act like an adult when dealing with other nations.

Spencer Fernando

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