ENEMY OF THE TRUTH: Toronto Star Runs Appalling Column Accusing Doug Ford Of ‘Social Murder’, Says His Policies “Will Kill”

An absolutely disgusting example of how deeply corrupted the establishment media has become.

The establishment media is collapsing, being reduced to begging the Trudeau government for taxpayer-funded bailouts as people reject their far-left radical perspective.

And now, there’s yet another example of how corrupted the establishment media has become.

The Toronto (Red) Star recently ran a column accusing Doug Ford of ‘social murder.’

An excerpt of the garbage piece – which quotes Communist Friedrich Engels – can be read below:

“In 1845, Friedrich Engels described the phenomena by which working-class residents in Manchester died prematurely because of their living and working conditions. He did not simply label the occurrence as we usually do today: “Premature deaths due to unfortunate circumstances,” but rather coined the term “social murder” to make explicit the source of these premature deaths.”

The end of the article goes all out, accusing Doug Ford of ‘social murder.’

“And make no mistake about it. Doug Ford policies will kill. And these policies will not just kill the least well-off but affect the quality of life of all.

Let’s not put neutral labels on what Doug Ford is doing. It is more than austerity, cutbacks and conservative politics. It is social murder.”


As I’ve been saying, the left has become increasingly unhinged and extreme, and it’s very dangerous. Now, the Toronto Star is running an article saying Doug Ford’s policies “will kill,” and accusing him of “social murder.”

How could anyone take the Toronto Star seriously after they run such a horrific article?

This is why the establishment media is increasingly the Enemy Of The Truth, and an active opponent of the best interests of Canadians.

The left is now making Conservative policies seem like they are tantamount to murder, so how much longer before the left calls for banning Conservative ideas under the guise of ‘saving lives’? How long before they call for violence?

The radicals won’t stop here. They’re trying to destroy Conservatives and Conservatism entirely, and they will stop at nothing to achieve their ‘utopia’. And keep in mind, the person who wrote the horrible ‘social murder’ article is a university professor, meaning that disturbing mindset is being spread to others.

These are dangerous and disturbing times for our country.

Spencer Fernando

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Brian Dougan

Ahem. Isn’t that what the leftists call “fear mongering?” As my late father used to say; “What a load of hooey.”

Diane DiFlorio

Taxpayers – voters – informed citizens – must realize this is one giant PIECE of PROPAGANDA.
The mainstream media, government, education, and politics has been hi-jacked by UNIONS, they are either in control or funding them. They run most everything mentioned above and are very much into censorship. They are here for one purpose only, to silence the BLUE and bring in the RED/ORANGE socialist agenda at all costs.

Eric Blair

I wouldn’t worry about the Toronto Star, it won’t be around much longer. It’s share price was at $14 in 2011 and now it is a mere $1.28 today though it was up 2 cents if that makes any difference. It earnings per share are negative 9 cents, so they are losing money with every paper they sell or don’t sell whatever the case might be. They will follow the Toronto Telegram and have on their last edition this as a headline: “30 This is our last day”. I believe the number 30 denotes the end of the story or… Read more »


This just goes to show how Mentally Unbalanced the Socialists really are !

Michael Ackermann

This is the result of the lefties’ centrally planned socialist economies:


Les H.

It is more appropriately called The Toronto (RED) Star. A long time left wing, pinko Commie loving rag. It’s best use is as bird cage liner paper. The birds one would have are likely make more sense than all who write the leftist tripe for the Toronto (RED) Star.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Toronto Star = Pravda! Just read what that traitor Micheal Coren writes. A traitor if there ever was one!