If The Trudeau Government Can’t Even Stop Traitorous Terrorists From Returning To Canada, What The Hell Are We Paying Taxes For?

The most important function of government is to keep the nation safe. A government that fails to do that is a dangerous joke.

Fighting for a terrorist group like ISIS is obviously treason.

ISIS has declared their intention to attack Canada and kill Canadians, which means Canada is at war with ISIS.

Fighting for the enemy must be severely punished.

And when someone who fights for the enemy is overseas, it’s even simpler to deal with them. Never let them back into the country.

Yet, the Trudeau government continues to somehow ‘struggle’ to stop ISIS terrorists from returning to Canada.

According to a recent report following news that a man who encouraged others to join ISIS and went overseas to fight for ISIS in Syria is seeking to return to Canada, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale is not giving answers on how the government will deal with the threat:

“Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale offered few details on what to do with followers of the so-called Islamic State and their family members who want to return to Canada following a report by Global News, revealing at least a dozen Canadians being held in northern Syria for suspected ties to ISIS. “The first priority of the government of Canada is to collect the evidence and to make sure that where criminal charges can and should be laid, they are in fact laid,” Goodale said in Saskatchewan Tuesday.”

What Goodale isn’t saying is that the Trudeau government has made it far tougher to stop terrorists from coming back to Canada.

We remember that Trudeau and the Liberals got rid of Conservative legislation that made it possible to strip Canadians of their citizenship if they fought for a terrorist organization.

Additionally, Goodale acts as if he’s somehow powerless, when in fact the Trudeau government is in control of the laws. The government could easily sign agreements with overseas allied forces to share information on terrorists. Also, the government could – and should – charge people with treason for going overseas to fight for ISIS. The government creates the laws, and they can make use the laws to keep terrorists out of our nation.

This whole game of the government ‘struggling’ to charge terrorists is an absolute disgrace and a farce. The latest terrorist was caught on social media repeatedly calling for people to fight for ISIS and attack Canadians, and is now in custody after being caught by Kurdish forces fighting for ISIS. How can there be a problem charging him? It’s an obvious, easy, open and shut case.

And even easier would be to charge him with treason, strip his citizenship, and keep him out of our country forever. Canada owes him nothing, and he has no right to step fought on the territory of our nation.

This all raises the question: If the Trudeau government can’t even do something as basic as keep terrorists out of our country, what the hell are we paying taxes for?

Spencer Fernando

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Donald Trump just announced that he is slashing refugee numbers to no more than 30,000 annually. The US is 10 times bigger than Canada and how many are we bringing? Brigitte Gabriel’s New book, Rise talks about the diseases that are coming into the US from refugees like Leprosy, TB is back, etc. Unbelievable and No one is talking about this! Not only is our safety in jeopardy so is our health. And the Conservative party is also willing to bring these unvetted UN selected refugees into our country! Get rid of Political Correctness and demand that our country be… Read more »

Wendy Lush

You are correct, Candice. USA totals for 2018 are around 22,000. For us it’s over 50,000. Total refugees to Canada in 2017 was 50,469. That total does not include people who sought refugee status outside of Canada or who were sponsored privately or by the government to come to Canada. The previous 5 years averaged 17,000/year. Trudeau couldn’t care less about the consequences to our lives or the costs: most of these people end up on generous government benefits. There’s a frightening new Ebola epidemic breaking out in Central Africa. 118 dead. A lot of those crossing Roxham Road are… Read more »

Gonzo the Magnificent

But this is Canada! We are kinder and gentler (i.e. stupid)! Never forget this. So what if Canadians die from contracting these things? We need to be more open now after all we are Canadians. (NOTE THE SARCASM).


Piece of work. Just a real piece of work


Does anyone believe that these kind of people are even paying taxes, when they are in Canada? They have never been here cause they care about little stupid Canadians loosing what was our country, no Canadian government, no boarders? Our puppet rulers have made us into victims and we are not too aware of this yet, again, we have been taken over and the puppets are borrowing way too much money and we are still paying them, and we have no laws that protect us, from their treason and corruption.


unstable justin is bringing back his pets to intimidate us

Sewer Rat

I believe we are paying taxes to exclusively fund Mr. Extravagance’s 4 year global good times party tour. That’s my opinion anyway, because my taxes sure as hell don’t seem to be going anywhere else.

Wendy Lush

Canadian position: Justin Trudeau has demanded that ISIS fighters returning to Canada should be referred to as “returning Islamic travellers”, noting that the terminology will help ISIS fighters “reintegrate with the rest of society.” Trudeau calls returning ISIS terrorists “extraordinary voices in our community.” “Returning foreign terrorist travellers and their families, specifically women and children, require the appropriate disengagement and reintegration support.” British position: Rory Stewart, an international development minister and former UK diplomat, said converts to the ISIS terror group should expect to be killed because of the “serious danger” they posed to British security. “So I’m afraid we… Read more »

Michael Ackermann

The most important function of legitimate government is NOT to keep the people safe.

It is to keep precious Freedom safe.

Ray Decorby

As a side bar to this; just after being elected , in an interview conducted by none other than CBC, sortly after the election JT curiously refused to say or agree that Canada was ‘at war with ISIS’… It was not aired by CBC; however was piced up and reported internationally. My thought as to their rational here, is that the Liberals, considering their soft approach towards ISIS and terrorists going forward, could not be incriminated legaly, with acusations of treason.

Moe. S.

Reports are that it will cost Canadian taxpayers approx. $750,000-one million/yr. for surveillance of just one ISIS returnee to Canada. These traitors who fought against our Canadian troops have NO right to our freedoms and democratic rights. Send them back into the battlefield from which they came.

Ana Gomes

Without some show in the streets ,many fools still know nothing about the real Trudeau and the Canadian vulnerability while he is in power.Today, the liberals are a cancer that we have to fight with noise. Are the Antifa types the only ones who are seen and heard? Canadians have to support Canada from the dangers this government brought to us.