IGNORANCE: Tweet By Liberal MP Adam Vaughan Reveals He Has No Idea How Tax Brackets Work

Maybe this is why the budget isn’t balancing itself.

There’s an old saying that it’s “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”

Liberal MP Adam Vaughan clearly never heard of it.

In response to a Tweet by @SupportersOfPPC, Vaughan revealed that he doesn’t understand how tax brackets work.

Adam Vaughan Marginal Tax Rates

After Vaughan’s Tweet, many people pointed out how he totally failed to get it:

“You’re an MP and you don’t know that tax rates are graduated? Wow! If someone makes over $100,000 they pay 15% on income from $15,000 to $100,000 then 25% on income over. 0% on income to $15,000.”

“@TOAdamVaughan please explain your math. It sounds to me like a person earning $99,750 gets a $3,282.79 tax cut.”

“Furthermore, please explain how every Canadian earning >$46,605 would not receive a tax cut. <$46,605 obviously would be breaking even. Nobody would be paying more (ceteris paribus).”

“Delete this tweet quickly and save yourself embarrassment. Google marginal tax rate and understand how the system works.”

What Vaughan said doesn’t even make sense. He seems to not realize that somebody making $99750 wouldn’t see any of their income taxed at 25%, since that rate doesn’t kick in until income surpasses $100,000.

A mistake on such an obvious thing like marginal tax rates is pretty concerning, especially considering the way the Trudeau government is blowing through our tax dollars.

Yet, Vaughan kept doubling down, and proceeded to get slammed by Maxime Bernier:

“OMG. He doubles down on his ignorance. Doesn’t even know there is a basic personal exemption ($15k in my proposal) and believes “more tax classes” and “subtle tax rates” — whatever that is! — is what prevents you from being set back when your total revenue reaches a new bracket.”

“Millions of Canadian taxpayers who worry about how much total tax they pay and, especially if they are self-employed, worry about getting a refund or having to pay more every spring, know how this works. And yet, an MP who votes on these rates in Parliament doesn’t?!!!!!!!!”

Perhaps that kind of thinking is why the budget isn’t balancing itself?

Spencer Fernando

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