POLL: Despite Endless Attacks By Media & Elites, Ford PCs Have Most Voter Support

The establishment has done everything they can to bring down the Ford Government, but The People can see past it.

A new survey by Abacus Data shows the Ontario PCs with the most voter support, despite an endless campaign by the media and elites to demonize everything Ford is doing.

Here are the key numbers:

Ford PCs – 36%, NDP – 29%, Liberals 24%.

The PCs lead in all regions, except for Toronto and the North. In the vote-rich GTA, the PCs have a significant 12 point lead over the Liberals.

The poll says 46% view Ford negatively, while 32% view him favourably. However, the number of people with a favourable impression of Ford has actually jumped 7 points since June in the Abacus poll. Additionally, we’ve often seen that politicians who are demonized by the media elites often have a lot of ‘silent’ support – people who may not be willing to tell pollsters they support them, but will vote for them on election day.

In addition to those numbers, the poll shows that 76% of people say Doug Ford is governing “about as you’d expect.”

That is important, because the elites have demonized Ford as somehow doing things he didn’t campaign on, despite the fact that he’s governing exactly a promised.

Voters pick Ford over Wynne by big margin

Ontario voters also clearly pick Ford again when given a binary choice between the Ford Government and the Wynne Government.

In such a scenario, 58% picked the Ford PCs, while 42% picked the Wynne Liberals.

This poll shows that the People can see past the lies and propaganda of the elites – who have attempted to bring down the Ford government and manufacture scandals. Ford is doing what he said he would, and his actions have strong support.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ralph Knapp

The ordinary folks see positive action with promises made, promises kept. They also note that Ford is moving at the speed of light as compared to the usual all talk no action approach favoured by Liberals. The people wanted change and they have it.


Liberal politicians and our Media are Sleazy, Slimy, Disgusting, Liars, Deceivers and corrupt to the core. They are hypocritical and willing to say or do anything to advance their agenda. Why would any rational person vote Liberal or believe our media with their left leaning spin and always full of opinions and empty on facts ?


I guess those who still support LIEberals/ndp want to collapse our province and country, they like crime, drugs, like no jobs, and “feeling falsely” dependent on a lying bankrupt government, obviously unable to think or are programmed victims of the way too far left and right running our country.

Mike Allan

How lucky are the voters of Ontario to have Premier Doug Ford speaking for the law abiding citizens.Carbon tax fight,an awful high debt,and a host of other issues.Thanks for your unwavering conservative views that will benefit Ontario and the rest of Canada.


Ford won a landside victory. That was the peoples voice seeking change from 12 years of provincial destruction by the Liberal govt. Liberals and NDP are now the voices of socialism. Unfortunately we have allowed Universities and the News media to become a voice of socialism influencing the young generation and those vunerable to indoctrination.