Winston Churchill Was A Hero. Only Fools Would Apologize For Quoting Him.

The man who held off Hitler played a massive role in defending freedom and saving the world from Fascism. Now, the radical left is trying to destroy his legacy. We can’t let that happen.

Winston Churchill was a great leader, and not just because his middle name was ‘Spencer.’

At a time when Hitler seemed unstoppable, Churchill stood firm and refused to surrender. He rallied the British People – and the world – at a time when all seemed hopeless.

He gave strength to his nation which led to victory in the Battle of Britain, showing that the Nazis were not invincible and could be beaten.

And then, together with the U.S. & the Soviet Union, he turned the tide and defeated the Axis powers.

If Churchill hadn’t existed, or if he hadn’t led his nation when it needed him most, our world would be a much different, and much worse place.

Despite all of this, despite the obvious truth that Winston Churchill is one of the greatest heroic leaders who ever lived, radical leftist political correctness is now attempting to destroy Churchill’s legacy, and even astronauts are falling for it.

Here’s what U.S. Astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted after he quoted Churchill and then got attacked by the left:

“Did not mean to offend by quoting Churchill. My apologies. I will go and educate myself further on his atrocities, racist views which I do not support. My point was we need to come together as one nation. We are all Americans. That should transcend partisan politics.”

What a disgrace. Kelly caved to the frothing radical leftist mob, which only emboldens their extremism even more.

Apologizing for quoting Churchill is incredibly dumb, and only fools would do that.

Obviously Churchill wasn’t perfect, and very few leaders hold up perfectly decades down the road. But that doesn’t change the reality that when the world desperately needed a leader to stand against fascism, Churchill was that leader.

The radical left is trying to wipe out the past, and destroy the memory of every great Western Leader. We must not let that happen.

Spencer Fernando


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I agree. If anyone should apologize for quoting people it’s those who quote Ghandi, Mother Theresa and the likes of them! There is nothing saintly about these people.


What do you mean by “the likes of them”? What’s your beef with Mother Teresa?


I will quote Winston Churchill on socialism, which he abhorred, as should everyone; “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries”. No one is allowed to have their own opinion anymore it’s amazing how far down the toilet this country has gone and it’s still flushing daily!

Gonzo the Magnificent

Agreed Spencer. That was weak of Kelly to state that. Just shows that he is not perfect either. Join the crowd Scott! Only one perfect person that ever lived in my opinion and he got crucified. Tells you some thing about human nature doesn’t it: it stinks!

A.A. Burley

First time I have seen humor on your News Blog Spencer. Informative with a dash of the comedic. A winning formula when it is tied to truthfulness, you’re knocking it out of the park.


Luckily the British and Winston Churchill were there during that war, but all our left and right radicals demonize anyone and are so racist about any one who they consider “white” that is why we need a “centrist government” FOR honesty and fairness, all the people being united as Canadians, not these radical racists that are trying to divide and break the nation. Gee maybe that is part of the reason we have countries that work and countries that do not, you cannot integrate people who hate, which is why we HAD laws and boarders.

shawn harris

When it comes to evil, it must be confronted, fought against and defeated and never ever be surrendered to. That is what drove Churchill to fight against such an enemy as the Nazis and Hitler, who were pure evil personified. If we give into every group or loud mouth person who doesn’t do any research and who just desires to make a name for himself or the group, we risk losing everything we know as the truth. We also risk seeing our democracies go down to the vainglory of tribalism, which is very often seen in the form of hard… Read more »


Churchill said it all, But Socialism is caused by Mental Decline !

Tom Clark

This sounds like a page from the book 1984.

Tom Clark

I’ve got to stop saying”How stupid can they get” as too many people are taking it as a challenge.

Wendy Lush

From Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, Franklin D Roosevelt and William Lyon Mackenzie King, to Justin Trudeau, Tony Blair, ‘Fatima’ Merkel and Emmanuel Macron (“Europe has its destiny bound with Africa”). The West has fallen.


Actually, Churchill was called Spencer during his childhood and school years. He wrote letters home to his mother from boarding school signing them “Spencer”. The only reason people deemed him a racist was because he was against many nations leaving the British Empire believing it would not be in humanities best interests on a global scale in future years to come. Was he so wrong? Churchill saw Nazi Germany coming and gave warnings, which went ignored, years before it happened. Churchill would be disgusted at what England has allowed itself to become today. When you tour his war museum in… Read more »