CRAZY: Catherine McKenna Thinks A Carbon Tax Will Change The Weather In Ontario

An absolute farce.

Check out this tweet from Catherine McKenna, where she responded to Doug Ford discussing emissions:

“How about make big polluters pay? Right now it’s Ontarians that are paying the price of pollution – extreme weather, droughts, floods.

As scientists from the around world report, if we don’t act now, it’s going to be way worse for our kids.

Ontario, what’s your climate plan?”

Take a close look at the first part of her tweet.

McKenna is making the absurd statement that imposing a carbon tax on Ontario residents will somehow change the weather in the province.

It’s total absurdity.

And while it’s easy to laugh at McKenna’s craziness, it’s actually pretty disturbing, because she seemingly takes herself seriously as a ‘defender’ of science and gets to impose actual policies on all of us.

While China keeps massively increasing their emissions, and the United States cuts their emissions dramatically without a carbon tax, Catherine McKenna keeps pushing the carbon tax lie.

Doug Ford has done the right thing by refusing to give in to the radicals. He’s looking after Ontario taxpayers, rejecting big government environmental schemes, and putting more money in taxpayers pockets. That’s the logical, science-based position.

Meanwhile, McKenna keeps pushing her crazy falsehoods, acting as if she has the power to control the weather by taking our money away from us.

What a farce.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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