Poilievre Calls For Investigation Into NDP Accepting $340K In Illegal Union Donations

“Both the NDP and Elections Canada admit the donations were illegal,” says Poilievre.

After the NDP tried to act holier-than-thou and call for a reopening of the investigation into the robocall scandal that implicated both Liberals and Conservatives, they were reminded of their own ethical failings.

NDP MP Nathan Cullen said the new election law should be used to take another look at the robocalls issue, apparently forgetting that his party could face serious problems if they faced a further inquisition.

On Twitter, Pierre Poilievre called for an investigation into a huge NDP scandal:

“I am calling on Elections Canada to open an investigation into the NDP’s acceptance of $340,000 of illegal union donations. Both the NDP and Elections Canada admit the donations were illegal. Was there even a formal investigation? Why no charges then?”

In 2012, the NDP was ordered to repay $340,000 in donations from unions. Those donations were made in violation of election financing laws.

As noted by Canada.com at the time, “The unions involved were the United Steelworkers, the Canadian Labour Congress, the United Food and Commercial Workers, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, the Canadian Machinists Political League, the International Association of Firefighters, the Public Service Alliance of Canada and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada.”

Despite the potential magnitude of the scandal, it faded away and the NDP escaped without answering deeper questions about what was really going on.

But if the NDP wants to open up investigations from 2011, then their acceptance of illegal donations also has to be on the table for scrutiny.

It’s a good reminder that corruption runs deep in the Canadian political system, and the NDP isn’t fooling anyone when they pretend to be somehow exempt from that.

Spencer Fernando