REPORT: Carbon Tax Having Devastating Impact On Drilling Industry, Shifting Opportunity To U.S.

“Today, every well we drill in British Columbia, we pay over $100,000 in carbon tax just on the diesel used to drill and complete that well,” said Encana CEO.

The damage from the Trudeau carbon tax continues to add up.

At the Energy Roundtable in Calgary, Encana CEO Doug Suttles discussed the devastating impact the carbon tax is having on the drilling industry in Canada:

“Today, every well we drill in British Columbia, we pay over $100,000 in carbon tax just on the diesel used to drill and complete that well,” he said during a speech at the conference.

“Those products are largely moving to markets in the United States. In the United States, we don’t pay a dollar of carbon tax.”

Additionally, “Due to corporate tax cuts under U.S. President Donald Trump, Suttles pointed out Encana also pays higher income taxes in Canada than it does in the U.S.”

As noted by the CP, Enerplus Corporation CEO Ian Dundas said Canada is falling behind the U.S.

“As a Canadian, it’s easy to get really down. We’ve let the Americans outcompete us and outregulate us and we find ourselves in this position.”

What makes all of this even more absurd is that the U.S. is reducing their emissions without a carbon tax, while emissions in Canada are going up. So, the Trudeau government is shackling our companies, destroying our competitiveness, stealing money from taxpayers, and still failing to do what they falsely claim the carbon tax is supposed to accomplish.

It’s a failure at all levels by the Trudeau-McKenna carbon tax scheme. And as that failure compounds, it’s taking prosperity away from Canadians, and sending wealth that could have been Canadian into other countries – particularly our neighbour to the south.

The U.S. and other countries must be looking at Canada and laughing at our government.

*Below is a video of a drilling rig operation, since most Canadians don’t get to see the hard work that goes into keeping our society alive. Our country needs to show way more appreciation to the workers in our oil industry, and we need a government that gets out of their way and lets Canadian Oil thrive.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ralph Knapp

The Carbon Tax was never about reducing emissions. It’s about the Boy sending it, plus more, to his favourite recipient countries in the East. If he was paying down the debt with the Carbon Tax, most folks would be OK with it.


With TruDumb adding so many green measures the Liberals are so stupid they can’t see the forest for the trees and they do not notice the damage they are creating with their carbon tax.
Most importantly Canada is now less attractive to investors because the U.S.A has no carbon tax and fewer politically correct regulations so as a corporation where I’m I going to invest not in Canada.

Don Taylor

guess which party put the carbon tax in BC,if you guessed the Liberal party you would be right congratulations for being right, you can get your reward by voting Trudeau out of office

shawn harris

The socialist Liberals and NDP never understand that when you impose more taxes or increase the level of taxation, then businesses will flee to safer more friendly tax jurisdictions, such as the USA. Trudeau must be having a hard time hiding his cheshire cat like grin, as he sees his plan to “phase out the oil industry “, comes together. After all, the destruction, pain and suffering felt by everyone from the oil industry down to those whose jobs are hanging by a thread, deliberately caused by Trudeau and Morneau with their “plan to make polluters pay”, must now be… Read more »


What is really stupid is we don’t charge producers of the oil we import carbon tax just the end users how can companies be expected to invest in Canada