The United Nations Is Demanding Canada Damage Our Economy Even More

They want ‘more ambitious’ emission reduction targets. If the government follows the UN’s demands, even more money will be ripped out of the pockets of Canadian taxpayers.

One thing you’ll notice about the globalists and the radical left is that they are constantly moving the goalposts.

They demand a certain policy, and then demand more, and then more, and then more.

‘Goals’ are never actually reached, they simply turn into more goals.

And we can notice how those UN plans always move in one direction: More economic restrictions, more money taken from taxpayers, and more centralized globalist control.

So, it’s no surprise that the UN is now claiming Canada’s emissions targets aren’t ambitious enough, and are demanding even more.

As noted by the CP, “Canada would have to cut its emissions almost in half over the next 12 years to meet the stiffer targets dozens of international climate change experts say is required to prevent catastrophic results from global warming. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says there will be irreversible changes and the entire loss of some ecosystems if the world doesn’t take immediate and intensive action to cut greenhouse gas emissions far more than is occurring now.”

And right on cue, McKenna is using the report to justify the disastrous and hated carbon tax:

“Environment Minister Catherine McKenna believes the report is another wake-up call that underscores why her government is pricing carbon and introducing regulations for the country’s biggest emitters.”

While McKenna is claiming Canada won’t change the emission cut targets, you can expect that to change soon. This is how the globalists operate: An organization like the UN sends out a message about what they want, and the Trudeau Liberals – and other globalist aligned governments – claim they’re just doing what is necessary to ‘save the world’ in order to justify their tax and spend policies.

This means the UN is demanding things like carbon taxes on steroids, and want Canada to destroy our energy industry, all while China is able to keep increasing their emissions by gigantic amounts year after year.

That’s why Canada must reject the demands of the UN, and set policies that are about boosting our economy, strengthening the oil and coal industries, making our workers richer, and putting our own interests first.

If we follow the UN path, the results for our country will be disastrous.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Andrew Scheer better denounce globalism and the U.N. these globalists are destroying our laws and our lives, insisting we take more refugees now, insisting we cut our industries and tax us more, open our borders more?spending out of control, Lefties must be stopped they are out of any rational control. The Connedservatives better realize how nasty the U.N. fake LIEberal/ndp are, and re examine their goals, or we are lost, and stop their LIEberal rascist propaganda divisive language and questionable unfair laws and hired protesters, and programmed Universities and schools. The really wacky thing is Venezuela did these same things,… Read more »


Knowing how weak and ignorant jihadi Justin is , who will do anything, anything to get a ‘seat’ at the UN. HE WILL HEED THEIR INSTRUCTIONS AND DEMANDS down to the last letter.

Eric Blair

I remember something like this in the movie “Climate Hussle” in which there was a segment with Prince Charles declaring that we only had 6 months to do something about our climate or disaster would ensue. Then we see Charles saying the same thing year after year and this goes on for about 5 or 6 years. Still waiting for that disaster Chuck. They just don’t get it that they are part of the hussle or scam. Trudeau, Butts and McKenna are just a stupid as Charles however they have the power of taxation but it won’t be for too… Read more »


Like we didn’t know this…DUH!! CARBON EMISSIONS Edmonton Sun – Mark Bonokoski According to Canadian sources Canada has 990 million acres of forests, 370 million acres of wetlands and 167 million acres of crop-yielding farmland. These are known as “carbon sinks”. I.e.: – they absorb carbon. Biologists tell us that trees absorb about 2.6 tones of carbon per acre. So if you do the math 990 million acres x 2.6 tones/acre=2.574 billion tones of carbon being absorbed every year here in Canada. Now if you do more math: 36 trillion tones (amount of world emission x 0.0167 (1.67%) =601.2 million… Read more »

shawn harris

Canada, regrettably voted for a deceitful, arrogant and elitist Justin Trudeau as PM and we for certain never voted to allow an unelected, unaccountable and corrupt organization as The UN to be incontrol over our democracy and government. But Trudeau, being the elitist that he is, will do anything that the UN and George Soros tells or demands of him to do. Even if it means that Canadians are to be sacrificed upon Trudeau’s far left socialist altar of political correctness. And what do we get for having an Inspector Clueso as PM. We get massive out of control spending,… Read more »

Patti Melvin

Alberta did not vote him in, I do not consider myself a canadian; Proud to be a strong supporter for Alberta Separation.


The post nation globalist project of the Liberals is now into phase 2 and spells the death knell for the country called Canada. The west is out, Quebec is out, and Ontario is broke. The woke clowns were reelected by people who will have buyers remorse, but it won’t matter much once when the rotten economic and social system collapses. Informed people who see and understand this the implications of a collapsing federation are looking for alternative places to live.

Brian Dougan

Trudope falls prostrate before the mighty UN god. He’s also gone through several pairs of knee pads.

Don Taylor

The UN doesn’t run Canada, the Canadian people do and Trudeau and his Liberal goons re going to find that out at the next election,they will know how much their Narcissistic leader is hated in Canada


They know sadly they don’t care, there going to do as much damage as possible grab as much loot as possible so that the country is struggling for yrs to come and they get another chance in office to do more damage. Only way to truly defeat them is to take away party status and walk away from the u.n.

Mike Allan

How much time do we have before the little libtard socialist trudeau reaches the point of no return?


More than halfway there…….

David MacKAY

The UN Declaration of Aboriginal Human rights is designed to return all land of any colonized Nation back to the aboriginals – the declarations mandates that all treaties are to be re-negotiated. This declaration effectively ends modern land ownership. Private land ownership is not supported by the UN. Trudeau filed to get the UN Declaration into law in 2016 via a private members bill(for reasons that should be obvious). 3 days after the election BC’s NDP made the UN Declaration into law for BC. Challenge the BC law at the Supreme court and the court will rule it applies to… Read more »


The next election wont matter The the country will be done for.

David MacKAY

Trudeau and the N DP, and the Greens are making every change to be unchangeable. With no going back.
The Hobbit Like Canadians have no Frodo or Gandalf to save them.
The next election will be way, way, way, too late.

Elizabeth Thorne

What has the UN done to help Asia Bibi?

Timothy Hickey

None of the MS parties and Maxim Bernier’s PPC will have the courage to put the question of withdrawing our Membership from the United Nations to the voting Shareholders in Canada, and becoming an Observer Nation only!

Properly educated and informed, I believe a Real Majority of Canadians would make a Declaration of Independence and Neutrality on the world stage to protect our National Sovereign Will!

This should be a ballot box issue!


Time to walk away from the u.n.

Gonzo the Magnificent

OK, we all get it that Liberals are: traitors, stupid, insane, corrupt, dictatorial and every other demeaning word you can think of. And of course this is all true! So, I am still predicting that – you got it – Ol’ Justin will be reelected in 2019. Remember now, this is Canada where we are “kinder and nicer” and apologize for breathing the air. My point is, people will forgive this traitor and with the help of the MSM will be duped into reelecting this piece of poop.

Robert Abbott

The UN at it again the only action they need to do is get lost stay out of Canada’s business you are all crooks. The likes of Trudeau and his bobble heads will be gone and so will you.

David MacKAY

Trudeau finally has the Far Leftist Majority he always wanted.
Canada’s Conservative opposition is completely irrelevant
with a Conservative leader who is more intent on silencing criticism then in doing anything meaningful.
Supported by the dependably complacent Andrew Scheer …Justin Trudeau can be the Dictator he always wanted to be.

Richard Courtemanche

Now, why would the dysfunctional and corrupt UN expects Canada to do that with a meagre 1.6 GHZ next to a bigger polluting neighbour!