WATCH: Maxime Bernier Files Paperwork To Make People’s Party Of Canada Official

Bernier says more than $350,000 has been raised for the new party.

Maxime Bernier has taken another step towards turning the People’s Party of Canada into an officially registered political party.

Bernier headed down to Elections Canada to file the paperwork necessary to make the People’s Party official.

Bernier said his new party has already raised over $300,000.

Additionally, he says Electoral District Associations are opening across the country, saying 43 EDA’s formed last week, with 27 more planned for the upcoming week.

You can watch Bernier’s remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Eleanor Merkus

what we really need is another voting option to split the Conservative vote. NOT!!!!! And let the sunny ways win again. Hope voters are smart, but I really doubt it. Canada is toast if the Lieberals win again……


The PPC and the CPC have similar desires to save Canada and can work together in many ways to defeat Trudeau. Trudeau has walked away from his responsibility to enforce our borders, ensure security in and of this country and to control illegals. These two parties can get it done together. Trudeau is soft on crime, terrorists and their terrorist mobs.


This “peoples party” is just created to stop the Conservative party from winning the next election, this Bernier will say anything and do anything to win, he is as fake as the Lieberals as they cheer him on, and is daily on their Lieberal mainstream media, Lieberals love him. He was to be another implant in the Conservatives to destroy them again, he was a separatist in Quebec, etc., the new USMCA already crashed the milk board in Quebec. This election will be too important for the life of us and our country to let this un-Canadian destroy us all.… Read more »


I thought CPP looks much like CPC Bernier really is trying to disrupt the next election, same as and for the LIEberals – trying to give our million new people a card to vote with even though not Canadian.


Maxime’s immigration numbers are still far too high at 250,000 per year. Should be 25,000 and no more. As Trump will be allowing no more than 30,000 refugees annually.