CNN Slammed For Racial Attacks On Kanye West & Demonizing People With Mental Health Issues

Horrible segment shows how the left truly feels about minorities who think for themselves.

CNN is being slammed for an absolutely horrific segment in which host Don Lemon laughed while some of the panellists made disgusting attacks on Kanye West for ‘daring’ to express his own opinion.

As I said on Twitter, the segment shows what the left really thinks about minorities:

“CNN’s horrific treatment of Kanye West shows that Liberals and the left love minorities right until they ‘dare’ to think for themselves. Then, there’s nothing but vicious rage and hate.”

Part of the segment can be seen below:

Imagine if a segment like that was on Fox News. The left – including CNN – would have gone absolutely crazy. There would have been calls to ban Fox News entirely. CBC in Canada would have made a big deal about it. But when it’s CNN, the establishment media pretends like it never happened, or even worse, promotes it.

Still, beyond the corrupt establishment media, the segment has been absolutely ripped to shreds by many, including Candace Owens:

And, as reported by The Intercept, mental health professionals are slamming part of the CNN segment in which CNN panelist Tara Setmayer dismissed Kanye’s views because he once sought treatment for mental health issues:

“No one should be taking Kanye West seriously,” Setmayer decreed. Why not? Because, she said, “he clearly has issues. He’s already been hospitalized.” Let’s repeat that: No one should be taking Kanye West seriously. He clearly has issues. He’s already been hospitalized.

“Setmayer was referring to West’s 2016 hospitalization in Los Angeles’s Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. In 2018, West spoke publicly and bravely about that hospitalization and the medical treatment he has received for his mental health struggles, including a bipolar diagnosis.”

“West described how his doctors found the right balance of medication and therapies and he decided to speak publicly about his medical treatment because, in his words, “I want to change the stigma of mental health.”

According to the report, “mental health professionals, particularly those who specialize in the effects of social stigma on individuals with mental illness, have told the Intercept that the kinds of comments aired by CNN often prevent patients from seeking the treatment they need due to the shame associated with these conditions – a fear-driven failure that frequently results in allowing these conditions to go untreated, sometimes leading to permanent depression, incapacity and even suicide.”

“Worse, they said, the CNN discussion exploited, and lent credibility to, bigoted attitudes toward people who have been treated for mental health conditions, attitudes which often prevent them from finding employment or even shelter.”

CNN’s segment has revealed that – beneath all the false talk of ‘equality’ and ‘compassion’ – the left is now driven by unhinged hatred.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Gonzo the Magnificent

The libs in the U.S at last are running with their collective tails between their legs. GOD BLESS THE USA!! I wish I could say the same for this lame country.

Barry Bateman

CNN’s Trump Derangement Syndrome is why I switched to Fox. This disgusting commentary reinforces it.


There is no such thing as fair and balanced media when 90% of it is leftist biased. If that was not bad enough now they do it in all manner of television shows be it late night talk shows and dinner time sit coms.

Ana Gomes

CNN is showing what it really is. Kanye West has grounds to sue the rascals and should. We can’t allow these criminals to take over, without punishment. The betrayal and the damage they have done, to the less informed,is beyond repair. They fried up the minds of so many “wannabe -do -gooders “who only believe on the superficial image of what they are looking at, but don’t really see the essence of the truth. This is much more than CNN usual Fake News. This is Criminal bullying and intimidation .This is a Mob Style operation .These people should be marked… Read more »

Ken (Kulak)

Well said.

Hypocrisy is the middle name of the fake and biased “news” purveyors on the left.

Leo Frey

Don Lemon is the BIGGEST f’ing racist there is and he always spouts off about racism against blacks. Have a look in the mirror Lemon. I think YOU are the one with mental issues. You are certainly not a reporter. What you are is a disgrace to blacks.