END OF THE WORLD! The Corrupt Elites Are Becoming Unhinged As Canadians Turn Against The Carbon Tax

Their rhetoric has now escalated to hyperbolic “end of the world” desperation.

The Canadian People are smart.

We can see when we’re getting scammed.

And we can see that the carbon tax is a scam.

That’s why people are turning against it all across our great country, and that’s why provincial leaders are starting to listen to the will of The People and have formed a coalition against Trudeau & McKenna’s hated tax.

Yet, the elites like Justin Trudeau and his establishment media servants are so desperate to take more money out of our pockets, and are so obsessed with expanding central government control, that they aren’t listening. Instead, they’re doubling down on the carbon tax.

And now, the more their corrupt scheme is exposed, the more their rhetoric has become unhinged, angry, and divisive.

Here’s a sample:

Notice how Maher doesn’t even address Wudrick’s common sense question. Instead, Maher just claims we have no choice for some reason.

Really, the planet will be destroyed if Canada doesn’t have a carbon tax? Interesting.


Condescending and dishonest. Great combo…

And of course Rosemary Barton got in on it:

Seems like something a Liberal MP would tweet.


Actually, studies showed the carbon tax hurt low income and middle class BC residents the most.

And here’s the ‘logical’ conclusion of the elites’ rhetoric: Those of us (the vast majority of Canadians) who oppose the carbon tax have ‘blood on our hands.’

This is the elites melting down, as they realize that Canadians haven’t fallen for the lies. So, they try to scare us all into giving more of our tax dollars to the government, literally claiming that everyone is going to die if we don’t do what they say.

Not only should we ignore what the elites are saying, but we should take it as clear evidence that we are on the right track. If they’re getting so angry and desperate, it’s because The People are standing up for our interests, seeing past the deception, and are demanding to hold on to our tax dollars.

We won’t be fooled, we won’t be scammed, and we won’t stop our fight against the Carbon tax.

After all, should we be letting these clowns tell us what we can do with our money?

Trudeau Climate Fool

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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fred Dimmick

“We must cut emissions to save the planet!” When I hear and see Canadians making these idiotic statements I realize the ones making them are deranged. We, Canadians, don’t even represent a pimple on a pig’s behind when it comes to global carbon emissions but due to our forests we are huge as a carbon sink for the rest of the world. So let’s make sure we look after that aspect properly and forget bleeding us dry for ‘progressives’ to suck up to the corrupt UN!

Ron Voss

“We won’t be fooled, we won’t be scammed, and we won’t stop our fight against the Carbon tax.” Common sense people aren’t falling for it. Too bad Scheer threw up the white flag early.

Glen Aldridge

So burning fuel is a major contributor to emissions & presumably Global Warming so then why are we not choosing to drive slower, smoother & without the constant stop-start design of our traffic system? Even in Europe decades ago they recognized that smaller vehicles, being able to avoid stopping & starting was a significant improvement in fuel economy. How many trucks are on the road without any aerodynamic aids? How many buses & other heavy vehicles are driven at 110 – 120 kms/hr getting their worst fuel economy when they could be safer at slower speeds and make a significant… Read more »


These fear mongers always equate a reasonable economy in BC with the hated carbon tax. I live there and I pay Medicare premiums, my car insurance is $1400 compared to Lethbridge friends with the identical vehicle and coverage at under $800, I was just told that funding is low for a hip replacement and I might have to wait 20 months just to get an assessment. The only thing the hated BC carbon tax does is increase the cost of everything. $1 for a tomato today. One friggin average tomato. Why did we have so many forest fires this summer?… Read more »

Mike Allan

Just another scare tactic from air head libtards to remove hard earned money that law abiding citizens have honestly earned.The spending spree of the little socialist trudeau is coming to a deceiving end.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Yeah, the UN said this or that! I couldn’t give 2 rips what that corrupt organization says. As a matter of fact, what ever they say, do the 180 degree opposite; you know for sure you will be right doing that!

Moe. S.

The climate clowns Trudeau & McKenna and company, desperately need to justify taxing Canadians for money THEY need and want. They are hoping alarmist rhetoric will convince Canadians, however, it will convince Canadians these greedy Liberal politicians only have 12 more months to keep their jobs.

Dan M

The nation is led by an idiot and his band of sycophant ideologues


We should be looking at the Australians they tried a carbon tax it didn’t work, so they repealed it, and Canadians need to take a close look at their experience. With the Carbon Tax Australians faced high energy bills and job losses as a result. The government was then forced to create many new bureaucracy, rebates, free carbon credits and red tape just to deal with the fallout from the tax. And worst of all it did virtually nothing to impact global climate change. As Canadians we should not follow down the same Self-Destruction path as the Australians however our… Read more »


‘SKYPE’ ? To avoid numerous flights to other countries for a an hour chat, Climate Barbie can use ”skype’ very effectively to prove her point ‘how concern she is about pollution by not flying on a ‘fossil fuel’ filled airplane. It is as simple as that. Have you notice jihadi Justin mps look scared and pitiful? Even he, looks derange. I wonder who else ‘fund’ the reporters ‘to act like jerks with no common sense, no voice and opinion of their own’. Any sane and reasonable reporter do not allow themselves to be control no matter how good the money… Read more »

Concerned Canadian

For the facts to counter all those emotional idiots google Climate Change Facts :2017 to get hard core stats and facts to shut up those Gore/Suziki clowns.

David Wallis

Hurray for the Canucks! Now, go teach the Americans!

Dean Foster

I’ve used the example of a lumberjack chopping down the last forest. You force him to pay a penalty for each of the remaining trees. ???? He puts his price up, middle class stop affording wood, elites are happy to pay the extra….Forrest still gets eliminated. How did the penalties save the forest? Carbon taxes are first stupid minds to believe they are helping. The world has always fluctuated from ice ages to warm spells before humans. Rising oceans should just mean job creation and rebuilding ….same as post war. More work better economy why fight it? The earth will… Read more »