Steel Imports From China Will Now Face 25% Tariffs In Canada

Tariffs are part of efforts to address concerns about China ‘dumping’ steel.

The federal government is putting a 25% tariff on steel from China.

The tariffs are part of a move to address China’s repeated ‘dumping’ of steel in foreign markets.

China often overproduces steel and then dumps that steel around the world to drive down steel prices and destroy the steel industry of other countries.

To get a sense of how that works, take a look at the video below for an American perspective on the steel issue:

China also seeks to circumvent U.S. tariffs on steel by sending steel into Canada to have it considered as ‘Canadian steel.’

The Canadian Steel Producers Association praised the move:

“We have discussed safeguards with the government for a very long time, and feel like there is significant evidence. The safeguard is a warranted and badly needed action.”

The tariffs on Chinese steel are a rare example of the Trudeau government standing up to China, as they’ve bowed down to the Communist State over and over again.

Still, it’s a good move. Hopefully, it will lead to the end of U.S. tariffs on Canadian steel, but only time will tell.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Wow Trudeau thinking of Canadians or was this forced on him to get signed on to USMCA ? I am surprised!! Living now in what was called Steeltown (Hamilton, Ontario) and know there were over 70,000 people years ago employed in these factories here, hard hot heavy dirty work, but well paid with great benefits, and very very polluting, the air used to be a dirty yellowish. So if extracting oil is so dirty? and puppets use this to close it down, why is this puppet government supporting our steel smelters (not functioning) and factories (almost non functioning) again? Wow… Read more »


Trudeau was supposed to stop China from dumping steel in Canada after he was elected, but he didn’t want to upset the Chinese government, so he did nothing for three years and finally relented because of the pressure from the U.S. I think the drama teacher thought he could smooth talk China into other trade deals, but Trudeau got squat. Looked good on him!