These Charts Totally Destroy Any Possible Justification For A Carbon Tax On Canadians

Despite all the evidence showing a carbon tax in Canada can’t do anything, Trudeau and McKenna refuse to believe the facts and are ignoring the science.

Justin Trudeau and Catherine McKenna often claim to use ‘facts’ and ‘science’ to justify the hated carbon tax they’re imposing on Canadians.

Yet, the actual facts, and the actual science shows a carbon tax in Canada is a total waste of time, and will do nothing about global emissions.

Take a look at the charts below shared by Bloomberg writer Noah Smith on Twitter, which destroy any possible justification for a carbon tax in Canada:

Take a look at the chart directly above. Emissions went down in almost the entire western world – including Canada. And during the entire time emissions declined in Canada, we didn’t have a carbon tax.

So, the idea that a carbon tax is necessary for emission reductions is totally debunked.

As we can see, China is the real driver of global emissions increases. That’s because China went from being an incredibly poor country, and went through massive industrialization which increased emissions.

The same is also happening in India, where they are increasingly industrializing.

All of the charts above show the same thing: Canada contributes almost nothing to global emissions, our emissions are already below where they were in 1990, and nothing Canada does will matter because the increase in global emissions is from China, India, and the rest of the non-Western world.

The charts I’ve shared above totally destroy any possible justification for a carbon tax in Canada, and totally debunk the lies of Trudeau and McKenna.

Share these charts far and wide to help spread the truth.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter


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Don Taylor

The Trudeau is the most inept,corrupt, lying PM in history even more so than his father and he was bad!


Well we all know the U.N. and the U.N. puppets destroying our country lie, we knew these lies before, just common sense, and now thank you Spencer, there is no excuse for no environmental pipelines, east and west, and there are no excuses for our not having our manufacturing and jobs come home and stop the highly polluting expensive shipping of goods around the world, unless you really cannot produce this in your own country, stop the U.N. created divisions in countries causing wars and forced migration of people around the world, stop this Socialist hate-social justice laws, instead bring… Read more »


add; stop these huge debts and high unfair taxes, dependence on foreign unfair government just for the rich and unfair greedy, etc. fair common sense.


Remove the word Carbon from Carbon Tax and you have the reality of what it really is. JUST ANOTHER TAX.

Ben Eby

One thought comes to mind whenever Trudeau is part of any conversation, where reason, logic, and common sense are required;….. Trudeau has a built-in excuse, as demonstrated constantly, he simply does not have the mental capacity to function within these parameters.


High Carbon Taxes and no pipelines tells a lot
In his twitter shows a twitter piece from Justin Trudeau who wrote that ‘when he becomes PM, he will stop the Northern Gateway Pipelines’ 2014.
Imagine that Spencer, that sorry ass for PM has the audacity to blame the cons for his own mess. This piece of twitter from Justin, should be aired seen on your sites for all to see and be reminded.

shawn harris

Trudeau , McKenna, Morneau and many other hard left socialists in Canada have and are contributing to the bankrupting of Canada and Canadians. All socialists believe that the government should be the source for everything in your life, from birth to death, from education to jobs , incomes and to be the only source for the crucial information you need to make your everyday decisions. Our not so trusted leaders, Trudeau and others who claim that the only solution to a problem , that they can neither control or solve is for more and bigger governmental control over your life.… Read more »


Look Trudeau knows the truth about climate change. This is simply a Butts stratgy to raise revenue from trusting Canadian taxpayers who would otherwise not vote for higher income taxes. It is a typical Liberal sham. Chretien did it, Martin, Turner, Trudeau Sr. Creative taxation is a Liberal core competency.

Mike Allan

This is for all the libtards/trudeau leftists that believe big government is the the answer to all your needs.If you really think that socialism,the left arm of big government will bring you fairness,freedom and a better quality of life, think again.Don’t just take my word for it.There are many ways to inform yourself about what little(I’m power hungry and don’t care who I hurt trudeau).Information is in books,Internet and people that have lived through the atrocities of a socialist government world.When you have fully informed the brain you were given.Look in the mirror,Shake your head and say Why oh Why… Read more »