Trudeau Government Moving Closer To Handgun & ‘Assault’ Weapon Ban

We can see exactly how they plan to do it.

The Trudeau government is taking another step towards taking away more rights from law-abiding Canadian gun owners, instead of actually dealing with criminals.

According to the CP, “Border Security Minister Bill Blair is launching a national public conversation about whether Canada should ban handguns and assault weapons. Blair announced today he will lead a series of public engagement activities, including roundtables and discussions with stakeholders to be held over the coming weeks. An online portal is also now open for written submissions from the public until Nov. 10.”

Of course, “public conversation” is simply a tactical tool for the Trudeau government.

It’s clear that they want to screw over law-abiding Canadian gun owners, because this is the same party that brought in the gun registry.

We can see what they plan to do: They’ll cherry-pick from the opinions that match with what they already want to do, work behind the scenes to create the false impression of a ‘groundswell’ in support for a plan to ban handguns and ‘assault’ weapons (a category the government is purposefully leaving vague), and then use that false ‘evidence’ to justify a massive ban.

In the end, law-abiding Canadians gun owners will criminalized and demonized, while actual criminals will keep using illegal guns to commit crimes. The central government will have more power, while citizens will have less power. More freedom will be taken away from those who follow the laws.

And through it all, nothing will be done to reduce crime.

The only way to stop this is to ensure the Liberals are defeated in 2019, because they’re going to keep moving toward a gun ban the longer they are in power.

That said, the possibility of a gun ban can be delayed if rural Liberal MPs revolt in an effort to save their political careers. If you are represented by a Liberal MP – click the link below to send them a message about what you think of their effort to demonize and punish law-abiding Canadian gun owners.

Contact your MP

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