AWFUL: Trudeau Government Announces They’re Giving More Taxpayer Dollars To UN Palestinian Organization That Funds Hate Propaganda

Instead of spending our tax dollars in our own country to help Canadians, Trudeau gives it to a UN organization that has spread vile and hateful messages.

Here’s what Daniel S. Mariaschin & David J. Michaels of B’nai B’rith said about the United Nations Relief & Works Agency (UNRWA) in The Hill:

“Over the course of years, UNRWA schools teaching a new generation of Palestinians have been found to utilize educational materials negating the existence of Israel and the rights and history of Jews. Repeatedly, UNRWA employees have been found to be associated with Palestinian extremist groups and their doctrines of hate.

UNRWA spokespeople routinely promulgate anti-Israel propaganda, broadcasting incendiary, one-sided narratives on both traditional and social media. Multiple UNRWA facilities and their surroundings have even been revealed to have been utilized by terrorists to launch attacks, store weaponry or construct underground tunnels for use in cross-border violence against Israelis.

And UNRWA, whose materials tout “Palestine” as if it were already a state even while also excusing Palestinians from any real obligations in peacemaking, has joined in inciting millions to dream of overrunning Israel with a mass Palestinian influx.”

Well, guess what?

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are giving more of our taxpayers dollars to that very same organization.

Here’s what Trudeau’s minister of international development Marie-Claude Bibeau said on Twitter:

“I am announcing that Canada will provide multi-year funding to Palestinian refugees to the UN Agency + Canadian NGO . This new funding is urgently needed + it will protect the human dignity of millions of Palestinian refugees.”

Here’s more evidence of how bad the UNRWA is:

“Schoolbooks used in UNRWA in Gaza and the West Bank display extreme anti-Israel and anti-Jewish sentiments, according to a review. In the study released on Wednesday by the Center for Near East Policy Research, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Middle East Forum, it also found that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency books showed there was no hope for peace in the region.”

The research, authored by Arab-textbooks expert Aaron Groiss, in collaboration with leaders of each of the involved organizations, examined 150 textbooks of various school subjects, taught in grades one to 12. Seventy-five of the books checked were published in 2016 and 2017 as part of a project initiated by the Palestinian Authority, which provides its curriculum to UNRWA schools.

The contents of the books were analyzed focusing on the depiction of the Jewish/ Israeli “other,” which revealed three fundamentals: delegitimization, demonization and indoctrination to violent struggle instead of peace.

According to the Palestinian schoolbooks, Jews have no rights whatsoever in Palestine but only “greedy ambitions.” The books also say that Jews have no holy places there either – the Western Wall in Jerusalem, the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron and Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem are all presented as Muslim holy places threatened by Jews.

The study also shows that cities established by Jews in modern times, including Tel Aviv, are sometimes not shown on maps either.

“Israel is not a legitimate state according to the PA schoolbooks studied at UNRWA schools,” the study said. “The name ‘Israel’ does not appear on the map at all.”’

Now, Trudeau is giving our tax dollars to the UNRWA.


So, while Veterans are told they’re asking for too much, while serious problems go unsolved in Canada, and while our tax burden keeps on rising, Justin Trudeau is giving our money to a horrendous UN organization that spreads hatred and violence.

How can this government even call itself ‘Canadian?’

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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I an glad he made it over several years, when we get our Canadian government back they can cancel this and get rid of the U.N. who seems to be our puppets, master puppeteer. President Trump is correct, listen to his U.N. speech again. No Canadian government till next election, scary.


Palestine is the centre of all evil. Remember Arafat, Hamas terrorist leader? Yeah, now you know why Trudeau is supporting this place. Trudeau absolutely must go!


Trudeau is a thief. Thou shalt not steal is one of God’s commandments..

shawn harris

And the betrayal of everything that Canada stands for continues with Trudeau showing Canadians and the world that he doesn’t really care at all for Canada or the citizens that voted him into office. He cares singularily about himself and the power he desperately craves, to be not only the PM of Canada but to be a world leader by way of his elitist friends at the UN. No amount of showing how much taxpayers dollars have been wasted funding terrorist organizations, such as the UNRWA, the PLO and others will ever persuade Trudeau from spending our money on corrupt… Read more »


The UN no longer holds the values of the real Canadian people. It is absurd that we are still part of this group that has been taken over by those that want world order. The elite has no interest in the problem solving of this earth. This wish to control all its resources and give themselves the exclusive rights over the population. Millions will have to die to serve their agenda and yet we hear nothing about this. We have a leader that has no doubt left the values of Canadians buried while he openly displays contempt for the country… Read more »

Moe. S.

Well stated. You hit the nail on the head. Great comment.


Spencer, why don’t you show the mansions own by Palestinians from the millions of dollars of our money that was meant for the poor. One such mansion is owned by Palestinian who murdered 2 Israelis. Note: I found this info on Shabnam twit.


Spencer, again, more info from Shabnam @Hamseda:

Canadian media is not investigating the Canadian auto plant armoured car shipment in Ontario and St Laurent QC for Iran and the recent assassination terror of a Kurdish Iranian dissident in Toronto’s North York but they keep publishing #FakeNews .


We will flush the turd in Oct 2019. liberals have already been flushed in Ontario and Quebec. Canadians want our country back.

fred Dimmick

My government will attack me if I say anything THEY think may offend anyone but steals my resources to fund my enemies so they can spew vitriolic hate messages about anyone they like.
Nuts or some thing! No it’s the liberal way.