Expert Says Meeting UN Climate Target “Would Require A Huge Amount Of Pain On Essentially All Canadians”

Funny how Trudeau & McKenna don’t mention that.

Justin Trudeau & Catherine McKenna keep pushing the lie that the carbon tax will somehow ‘help’ Canadians.

They say ‘climate action’ will somehow benefit the economy. They make it sound like it’s all supposed to ‘painless.’

And they constantly follow UN targets, doing the bidding of the globalists at the expense of Canadians.

Now, an expert on the issue is at least being honest about what hitting the UN’s climate targets would actually mean.

Here’s what Kent Moore, a professor in the chemical and physical sciences department at the University of Toronto said to Global News:

“Can we do it? Yes we can, but I think it would require a huge amount of pain on essentially all Canadians to get there.”


“a huge amount of pain”

That’s far different from what Trudeau & McKenna have been saying. It gives credence to the suspicion held by many Canadians that the carbon tax will simply get raised over and over and over again, until it fully destroys the Canadian economy – while massive polluters like China keep on increasing their emissions and any change in Canada does nothing at all for the overall emissions on the planet.

Trudeau & McKenna want to hurt Canadians and destroy our economy all for nothing.

Yet more evidence that the Trudeau carbon tax is a dangerous and deceptive fraud that must be crushed.

Spencer Fernando

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