Julie Payette Is Incredibly Unpopular For A Governor General

The position usually unites Canadians. But in Payette’s case, she’s become a very divisive figure.

A new survey shows that Julie Payette is incredibly unpopular for a Governor General.

According to Angus Reid, 29% of Canadians say “Julie Payette is poorly suited to the role of Governor General.”

25% say “Julie Payette is adjusting, and will eventually settle into the role of Governor General.”

Meanwhile, 46% say they are “not sure/can’t say.”

When asked whether Payette was doing a good job or a bad job, 22% said good job, 21% said bad job, and 57% said they were “not sure/can’t say.”

Payette’s numbers among Conservatives are terrible, with just 16% saying she’s doing a good job while 41% say she’s doing a bad job.

Meanwhile, 29% of Liberals say “good job,” while 16% say “bad job.” But even among Liberals, the number that really stands out is the fact that 55% say they aren’t sure. Considering how heavily hyped Payette was by Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government, her lack of approval even among Liberals is astounding.

A deeper look into the numbers is even worse for Payette. Only 5% of people said she was doing a “very good job,” meaning the majority of her ‘support’ is lukewarm at best.

The poll also points out that opposition to Payette isn’t based only partisan differences. When Payette was first announced as the Governor General choice, 47% of Conservatives supported her. Now, just 16% of Conservatives support her, showing that the drop in support for her is based on her performance, or lack thereof.

And as if the numbers weren’t bad enough, it turns out that more people think Payette is doing a “bad job” than a “good job” in all provinces except Quebec. In her home province, 33% say she’s doing good, while 18% say she’s doing bad. In every other province, the “bad” outweighs the “good.”

Payette is particularly unpopular in Alberta and Saskatchewan. In Alberta, just 16% approve of how she’s doing as Governor General, while 30% disapprove. In Saskatchewan, those numbers are even worse at 10% and 34% respectively.

Payette’s bad numbers are no surprise, considering that she insulted millions of religious Canadians in an arrogant speech. As a reminder, here’s what Payette had said:

“Can you believe that still today in learned society, in houses of government, unfortunately, we’re still debating and still questioning whether humans have a role in the Earth warming up or whether even the Earth is warming up, period. We are still debating and still questioning whether life was a divine intervention or whether it was coming out of a natural process let alone, oh my goodness, a random process.”

Payette also referred to “climate change deniers,” and said “So many people … still believe, want to believe that maybe taking a sugar pill will cure cancer if you will it good enough and that your future and every single one of the people here’s personalities can be determined by looking at planets coming in front of invented constellations.”

You can watch those remarks below:

After those remarks, I said Payette had to resign, and things have only gotten worse for her since then. She has been criticized for not putting enough effort into the job – skipping events past Governors General attended.

The Governor General is supposed to unite Canadians, not divide us. Payette is an obvious failure as Governor General, and Canadians are seeing that more and more.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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