Justin Trudeau Is Getting Lots Of Luxury Gifts

In some cases, Justin and Sophie Trudeau are wearing clothing and luxury items and then being used in advertisements.

According to a new report from the CP, Justin Trudeau and his family are getting a lot of free luxury gifts:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, are regularly showered with lavish gifts from world leaders and dignitaries, often as a matter of protocol. But a growing trend among the high-priced offerings to the prime ministerial family are gifts from private companies — clothing and accessories from Canadian designers hoping the famous family will sport their wares in public.”

The gifts are not against the ethics laws, but the NDP ethics critic Charlie Angus is raising serious concerns:

“What’s concerning is fashion labels sending clothes to the family, because this is a family that is very much in the spotlight, very much in the world of Instagram and there would be a very real benefit for a company to have them sporting their clothing labels as gifts. The connection to the pecuniary interests of those companies is clear and direct.”

Considering Trudeau’s past ethics violations – including becoming the first PM to ever be found in violation of a federal statute while in office – he would be wise to avoid any hint of a problem.

But that wouldn’t be in fitting with his sense of entitlement and desire to be a global celebrity instead of a PM for Canada. So, we can expect the gifts to continue.

That said, it does create an opening for both the Conservatives, NDP, and People’s Party to attack the ethics of the Liberals, and release ideas on banning those gifts and toughening up Canada’s laughably weak ethics standards.

Spencer Fernando


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What gifts are the tax payers, paying for, for queen trudeau, giving gifts back to his “fans” from this post national U.N. state, that Canadians have to pay for, and what is the cost to Canadians? Maybe this would be unethical? It all is to me.

Don Taylor

It will be a lot of fresh air when The Idiot Turdeau is out of Ottawa,he is nothing but a frikken Leach,a spoiled rotten kid that never grew up mentally

Eleanor Merkus

agree completely….

Tom Clark

maybe we should send him a clown suit.


Get Rid of the Unethical Creep , He is a pox on the FACE of CANADA !

Wendy Lush

Nothing is too good for this shallow blue blood aristocrat who has never done a day of bone-breaking hard work in his life nor suffered any financial hardships. For Justin Trudeau free luxuries and week-long vacations to distant shores (India, Japan, Caribbean) are par for the course, something most struggling Canadians can only dream of. To my mind he pulled off the con of the century in October 2015.

Mike Allan

Isn’t it strange that most people and specially the hard working men and women knew what the little socialist trudeau was at voting time but still gave the libtard a majority government.Go figure!