Sign The Growing PETITION Against Trudeau’s Possible Firearm Ban On Law-Abiding Canadians

Petition demands respect for law-abiding Canadian firearm owners.

A rapidly growing petition sponsored by Conservative MP Michelle Rempel calls on the Trudeau government to respect law-abiding Canadian gun owners.

Here’s the text of the petition:



  • Justin Trudeau has instructed his Border Security and Organized Crime Minister to examine a potential handgun and assault weapon ban;
  • The safety of Canadians should be the highest responsibility of government;
  • Whenever Liberal governments attempt to crackdown on gun violence, they usually end up targeting law-abiding firearms owners;
  • Canadian firearms owners are highly vetted in our country;
  • The government is focusing its efforts on law-abiding firearm owners while ignoring data on gun-related crimes being correlated with gang activity and illegal weapon smuggling;
  • The government’s firearms legislation, Bill C-71, does nothing to address actual problems related to gun crime;
  • Bill C-71 contains no mention of the words “gang” or “organized” crime anywhere; and
  • The government refuses to admit that most guns used to commit crimes are from illegal sources.

We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction to:

1. Respect law-abiding Canadians who own firearms;

2. Immediately scrap Bill C-71 and introduce legislation that actually targets criminals while protecting Canadians and respecting law-abiding firearms owners; and

3. Abandon the idea of a blanket firearms ban on law-abiding and highly vetted Canadians


This petition is important, because Justin Trudeau is clearly moving towards a ban on firearms and massive pressure must be brought on the government to stop it from happening.

The rights of law-abiding Canadian gun owners must be respected.

A link to sign the petition is below:


Spencer Fernando


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Trudeau, there he goes again trying to take one of are rights away to defend us. Criminals will always have gun. He has to do his best to destroy our democracy and our safety before he is elected out of office!


I find this rather interesting as all this is happening around the world but our media has decided not to allow Canadian people to know what is really happening. Yes The liberals and NDP are a danger to the Canadian people but the main stream media has totally abandoned the Canadian people. Why??? I constantly hear the bias reporting from major news outlets that do not reflect the news but defend a corrupt government. What has happened to a media that gives the facts and pushing this liberal ideals. CRTC has allowed this to continue, are their not laws that… Read more »