Guess Where Trudeau Is Sending $25 Million Of Our Taxpayer Dollars?

Hint: He’s not spending it on Canadians.

As the Trudeau government was announcing a giveaway of $50 million to a UN Palestinian organization that has funded hateful propaganda, they were giving away even more.

It turns out Trudeau announced $25 million to go towards ‘social and sexual health’ in Africa.

People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier called out the outrageous giveaway of our taxpayer dollars:

“Trudeau announces another $25M from Canadian taxpayers to try to solve social and “sexual health” problems in Africa. Aren’t these countries RESPONSIBLE for solving their own problems? Is the Canadian government becoming the welfare state of the planet?”

As he did when calling the UN “a useless joke,” Bernier makes a great point here:

Countries need to focus on fixing their own issues, while Canada needs to keep our taxpayers dollars in our own country to help Canadian Citizens.

It certainly seems that the Trudeau government wants us to become “the welfare state of the planet,” as more and more of our money is being taken out of our pockets and given away to foreign countries.

This is exactly the problem with the globalist ideology: Trudeau and the Liberals try to act like they’re a global government, attempting to fix problems in foreign lands while problems here at home go unsolved.

It’s a disgrace, and it’s why foreign aid needs to end.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Treason period…..

Timothy Hickey

Another disgrace! This has been happening under both Conservative and Liberal Governments for far too long! Bernier is right, but the PPC is not the solution!

I believe a Real Majority of Canadians have had enough of sending money and aid to other countries, when we have huge challenges right here in Canada!

How do we insure that the Will of a Real Majority of Canadians is acted upon in the next Parliament of Canada?


Timothy Hickey I agree totally. How do we get a government that really represents the people of Canada, stop the huge debt and get rid of it, put in honesty and trust and a fair and honest legal system across the whole country, and jobs etc. stop all the greedy and radical groups, what can be produced in Canada should be with a little extra to use in trade for the few things we cannot get in Canada, do not sell off Canadian businesses try to get more going and selling Canadian property outside our country, every country claims to… Read more »


History has shown vote in a liberal govt and you sell out your country. Justin Trudeau carrying on the Liberal ideology of destroy destroy. When will Canadians realize there mistakes.


What does this yahoo think the Canadian Treasury is his personal piggy bank to spend as he feels? How does this amount gets approved for these projects, don’t it go through a committee at least and reported to the public? I don’t remember any news on this! Those that can remember his father and all the money spent on the arts and the the hippe community, he said something to the affects he was catching on all the previous Goverment not being fair. Endless BS from this Goverment and Justin. Maybe it me getting old and grumpy $50 mil is… Read more »


i think money is the last thing anyone needs i think the people need to go to religion training and try to help the ones who are not present in following a religion or believing in doing good for his or her own country non patroitic countrys getting handouts and the workers are taking advantage my guess


this can be joined with acts of treason for those venturing to those areas and taking advantage of tax payers dollars


He doesn’t know any better. He has never had to manage anything in his life, and some Canadians though he could run the country!!! When Trump is done his second term, we should ask him to come up here and fix this idiot’s mistakes.


What a disgrace the Sock Boy and his Libs have turned out to be

Contessa Viviana Vagschtaff Mitt-Brunt

And not one single Canadian that has any clout in business finance law education the clergy or even the governor general of Canada has a single thing to say about this? No one raises a finger or says a word? People that have the power to stop this don’t do a single thing?