Guess Where Trudeau Is Sending $25 Million Of Our Taxpayer Dollars?

Hint: He’s not spending it on Canadians.

As the Trudeau government was announcing a giveaway of $50 million to a UN Palestinian organization that has funded hateful propaganda, they were giving away even more.

It turns out Trudeau announced $25 million to go towards ‘social and sexual health’ in Africa.

People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier called out the outrageous giveaway of our taxpayer dollars:

“Trudeau announces another $25M from Canadian taxpayers to try to solve social and “sexual health” problems in Africa. Aren’t these countries RESPONSIBLE for solving their own problems? Is the Canadian government becoming the welfare state of the planet?”

As he did when calling the UN “a useless joke,” Bernier makes a great point here:

Countries need to focus on fixing their own issues, while Canada needs to keep our taxpayers dollars in our own country to help Canadian Citizens.

It certainly seems that the Trudeau government wants us to become “the welfare state of the planet,” as more and more of our money is being taken out of our pockets and given away to foreign countries.

This is exactly the problem with the globalist ideology: Trudeau and the Liberals try to act like they’re a global government, attempting to fix problems in foreign lands while problems here at home go unsolved.

It’s a disgrace, and it’s why foreign aid needs to end.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter