‘ISIS Wives’ Should Be Permanently Banned From Canada

Keep them out of our country.

There’s been a strange move lately by some media outlets to try and create sympathy for women who went overseas as ‘ISIS wives.’

For example, Global News recently tweeted the following:

“Exclusive: They survived the ruin of the so-called Islamic State. Now these Canadian wives and children of foreign jihadis are being detained in Syrian camps. They desperately want to come home to Canada.”

Of course they want to return to Canada. They decided to side with ISIS – a horrific terrorist organization that sold women into slavery, burned prisoners alive, beheaded people, threw gay people off of buildings, drowned people in cages – and more awful crimes. Then, ISIS lost, leaving them on the losing side and at the mercy of those who ISIS so brutally oppressed.

And that’s exactly the issue: The ‘ISIS wives’ made a decision. They either went overseas with their terrorist husbands, or they went overseas to find terrorist husbands. Either way, they made a choice to side against Canada.

While the Global News tweet says they want to “come home to Canada,” the reality is that by leaving Canada to join ISIS, the ‘ISIS wives’ rejected Canada as their home. Canada is not their home anymore.

The ‘ISIS wives’ are a danger to the nation, because they supported ISIS terrorism, and you can only imagine what horrific things they’ll teach to their children if they are allowed back into our country.

‘ISIS wives’ are no longer Canadian. They must be stripped of their citizenship, charged in absentia with treason, and banned from ever returning to Canadian territory. They made their bed, now they have to lie – and perhaps die – in it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube