The UN Wants You To Pay Over $600 Every Time You Fill Up Your Car

They want us to willingly destroy our entire way of life.

Imagine having to spend over $600 to fill up your car at the gas pump.

Well, that’s exactly what the United Nations wants.

They are recommending carbon taxes of up to $5,500 a tonne.

As noted by Aaron Wudrick – the federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation – that would have an absolutely insane impact on gas prices:

“For those wondering, a carbon tax at $5500 per tonne works out to about $12.78 in carbon taxes per litre of gasoline. So filling up your car with 50 L of gas would cost you $638 in carbon taxes alone (plus the actual cost of the gas).”

The UN don’t understand the lives of real people. To their corrupt bureaucrats, calling for a $5,500 carbon tax is just a number. For the rest of us, it would represent the total destruction of our way of life.

The globalist UN agenda is directly in opposition to Canada as a resource economy, and would be absolutely devastating for all of us. That’s why the UN should be ignored, and that’s why we should cut all funding to them.

And whenever the Trudeau government claims that they have to do something because the UN says so, we can take it as further evidence of how disloyal our government has become.

Spencer Fernando