The UN Wants You To Pay Over $600 Every Time You Fill Up Your Car

They want us to willingly destroy our entire way of life.

Imagine having to spend over $600 to fill up your car at the gas pump.

Well, that’s exactly what the United Nations wants.

They are recommending carbon taxes of up to $5,500 a tonne.

As noted by Aaron Wudrick – the federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation – that would have an absolutely insane impact on gas prices:

“For those wondering, a carbon tax at $5500 per tonne works out to about $12.78 in carbon taxes per litre of gasoline. So filling up your car with 50 L of gas would cost you $638 in carbon taxes alone (plus the actual cost of the gas).”

The UN don’t understand the lives of real people. To their corrupt bureaucrats, calling for a $5,500 carbon tax is just a number. For the rest of us, it would represent the total destruction of our way of life.

The globalist UN agenda is directly in opposition to Canada as a resource economy, and would be absolutely devastating for all of us. That’s why the UN should be ignored, and that’s why we should cut all funding to them.

And whenever the Trudeau government claims that they have to do something because the UN says so, we can take it as further evidence of how disloyal our government has become.

Spencer Fernando

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Why don’t Jihadi Justin and Climate let Canadians know this??

Bill Hall

The whole purpose of the UN climate initiatives is to transfer wealth from the west to the underdeveloped nations who really control the UN. Carbon taxes are a big part of that. It will not change the weather regardless of what Canada does. We are such an insignificant part of the picture……and our carbon emissions are reducing anyway.

Don Taylor

The UN is a joke all those member countries should get their act together and start doing something to better their people instead on depending on a country that Has only 35 million people to support them.
The USA was smart to quit funding these bureaucrats that like to tell us to give more money And Trudeau the traitor should be supporting the Canadians not the corrupt UN


This has never been about the environment or even about greenhouse gasses. Like everything else liberals do, it’s about taxation and control.

As originally reported by Spencer, Catherine Mckenna our Minister of Environment and Climate Change on “Twitter” made the absurd claim that climate action is a $30 TRILLION opportunity, opportunity for what you guessed it “TAXATION”
Hopefully we Canadians can recognize a blatant tax-grab when we see it and hopefully we aren’t willing to put up with this any longer and vote accordingly in the next election!


The UN can piss off, the most useless organization on earth, maybe Mr Trimp can put the UN building up for sale.


Confiscate it in lieu of overpayment by the United States it and move the UN to Somalia. That country would be stabilized in just a few months.


The UN is a joke, Abolish it.


The UN’s climate czarina, Christiana Figueres former Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)], admitted the goal of “the whole climate change process is the complete transformation of the economic structure of the world.”

Do the alarmists suffer from climate derangement syndrome where they actually believe their insane rhetoric, or are they knowingly exploiting politicized, agenda driven science to advance their subversive policies?

Teresa Hubert

Doesn’t Justin ignore the UN when it suits him? Such as the 3 UN agreements that Canada has signed that were contravened with the marijuana law? Or ignoring UNDRIP when it doesn’t suit his agenda? Such a hypocrite.


Back in the 1970s when gas prices rose ridiculously tanker trucks were being hijacked and gasoline sold illegally at a lower price than the official one – win-win for both the criminals and the average citizens who could get in on it. Black markets always emerge when scarcity or price subvert the common man’s ability to live comfortably. Drug and alcohol prohibition hasn’t worked – the black market always delivers whatever is required. During wars, including WW2, and in Communist Russia, food shortages motivated a roaring black market. Gun prohibitions don’t work – the black market can smuggle them fabricate… Read more »


Unfortunately Clive black markets are already here and growing fast, when governments start to breakdown laws and protect their people, take their money in taxes and do not let enough well paying legal work, they create the tribalism and black markets to live total chaos and lawlessness, the breakdown of law abiding society and country, it is the result of socialism and too much government control of what you can and cannot do.