THE VIOLENT LEFT: Another Assault On Pro-Life Canadians

The problem isn’t the left becoming ‘uncivil.’ The problem is the left becoming outright violent.

The extremist radical left continues to become more unhinged and dangerous.

In the wake of the video showing a leftist kicking a pro-life Canadian woman in Toronto, another assault was recorded on video at Ryerson University.

As reported by Global News, “In the video near Ryerson University, protesters on both sides can be seen having a discussion about abortion before a person is seen approaching anti-abortion protester Blaise Alleyne and kicking a graphic and controversial anti-abortion sign he was holding. The attacker can then be seen throwing a dolly and shoving Katie Somers, another anti-abortion protester. The attacker appears to reach into Somers’ backpack, pull out an object and smash it on the ground before continuing to shove her.”

The issue here’s isn’t ‘incivility.’ Swearing at someone is uncivil. The issue here is outright violence.

The left is increasingly resorting to violence against Canadians who disagree with them.

What makes this all the more disturbing is that the left is also trying to silence opposing points of view. So, the left is not only trying to make it impossible for people to speak their minds, but are using violence to try and silence people as well.

The end goal of the left is clear: Use the power of government, and the power of violence to completely eliminate their opponents.

This can’t be taken lightly. It can’t be dismissed.

We’ve seen this before.

The left is doing exactly what radical socialists have done everywhere they try to gain power, and we’ve seen how that hateful leftist ideology can result in massive amounts of death – including in the Soviet Union and Communist China.

That is why we must do whatever it takes to defend the rule of law and freedom of speech. Otherwise, everything we value as free Canadians will be lost.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab

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Ron Voss

Unless there are severe consequences this will continue and likely get worse over time.


Charges must be laid.
Name must be published with photos.
Internet is for ever…


Unfortunately we have reached a point where we conservatives have provided the crazy left an opportunity to become civil in there right to freedom of speech. It is now apparent this is not working and so we must take the role of defending ourselves. Bullies can only be handled by the physical push back.

Shawn Harris

It was the very violent communist beliefs of Lennin and his murderous enforcer, that to the rise of communism and more than 100 million and still counting deaths. Socialism has always been a dead end , in the way it justifies itself, by deligitmizing those who oppose it’s core beliefs. That the wealthy and businessmen in society are to blame for society’s social problems and financial problems. Thus falsely misleading people to accept a evil and destructive belief system, all designed to destroy society and give themselves permanent power over the country. The now very violent left, has proven itself… Read more »

Ken (Kulak)

Well said Shawn. Both mine and my wife’s immediate family experienced the Russian experiment with socialist utopia and escaped in the early to mid 1920s. Our extended families did not and experienced the full intent of that murderous evil system.

To think that some want to repeat that evil here is mind numbing.

Gonzo the Magnificent

I think we can all see where this is going! The left are becoming unhinged. I have a theory why this is happening: our PM has shown he has NO RESPECT for virtually any one that opposes his views; he has set the example for these useful fools. Secondly, people in Canada are FINALLY waking-up and giving governmental authority to populist/conservative parties provincially and even federally with Mad Max. I know Stephen Harper would suggest in his new book that we have not a populist movement in Canada but I think we are starting to see the green shots appearing.… Read more »