#WalkAway Campaign Grows As Canadians Leave Radical Left

People are rejecting the identity politics and hate of the far-leftists.

The #WalkAway campaign is growing in Canada, as people who once saw themselves as centre-left are realizing how extreme the left has become.

‘Liberalism’ was once associated with freedom of speech, capitalism, and defending the rights and dignity of the individual.

But now, ‘liberalism’ and the left have been taken over by radical extremists, pushing racial division through identity politics, authoritarian suppression of free speech, and socialism.

The left now rejects the dignity and uniqueness of individuals, and only sees people through groups – spreading more and more hate with their radical ideology.

The left isn’t what it once was, and more and more people are deciding to #WalkAway from the extremists and are increasingly seeing themselves as free-thinkers, independents, and conservatives.

In the video below, watch Patriotic Dad Rob Boutilier discuss the #WalkAway movement in Canada:

To learn more about the #WalkAway Campaign in Canada, click the link below:

#WalkAway Canada

Spencer Fernando

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hey Rob, I’d love to partake in a WALKAWAY MARCH on SUNDAY OCTOBER 28 to coincide with BRANDON STRAKA’s march in WASHINGTON DC. I truly think doing it in the courtyard of the CBC building would be best as they propagate false news about TRUMP and conservatives every single day. ANy joiners?

Gonzo the Magnificent

Finally I have some hope for this country over the past week. May it continue.
I will be at my church tomorrow for a prayer meeting where we will “storm the heavens” on behalf of this nation’s future.
By the way, as important as the political realm is, the answer to a nation’s problems is first found in the spiritual realm.