WATCH: Stephen Harper Interview A Reminder Of What It Was Like Having A PM Who Could Think

Harper’s ability to delve deeply into an issue is a stark contrast from Trudeau.

In the wake of his new book Right Here Right Now being released, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper sat down for an interview with Mercedes Stephenson on The West Block.

Harper and Stephenson discussed a range of topics, particularly the rise of populism, and why Harper says left-wing politicians and the potential for socialism to spread is a big concern for him.

Harper’s remarks, and his ability to delve deeply into key issues facing our world is a stark contrast from Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau has taken to simply blaming Conservatives for all of Canada’s and the world’s problems, refusing to accept his own responsibility for anything, and lying constantly to the Canadian People.

Watching Harper discuss our world is a reminder of what it was like having a PM who could actually think about things, rather than spout off the latest politically-correct garbage.

Even if you don’t agree with everything Harper says, you can tell a lot of thought is going into it.

The interview can be watched below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ah I miss Mr. Harper, he was the best Prime Minister Canada has had in my life time, starting before the lying communist Pierre Trudeau who was really horrible just as his son is. Mr. Harper wasn’t perfect but he cared about Canada and was great at the economy, and kept us out of all the corrupt U.N. destruction and created wars and mass destructive immigration, he made good laws to protect the our country and kept us unified and moving ahead economically, if he was still in we would not have had to go through what is happening now,… Read more »

Mike Allan

Well said Nancy,and as you and I both know we could fill pages of the libtards wrong doings.

alan skelhorne

and in one more year, in all honesty, do you really think canada can recover. i highly doubt it, trudeau has doe so much damage to this once beautiful country.


Listening to Harper’s deeper and well considered observations and ideas makes me deeply nostalgic for the days of his clear-eyed leadership. Now we’re stuck with this Liberal ship of fools being steered by progressive low IQ Captain Crayons.

Elaine Teichgraber

Listening to former Prime Minister Harper is like a breath of fresh air. How I miss intelligence in the PM’s chair.

Eric Blair

Like I have been saying previously on this website, Global has come over to our side. Right at the outset of this interview Mercedes mentions that it was the first Canadian media outlet to interview Harper. No CTV and definitely no CBC interview and these two are definitely larger than Global by far. The latter of course does what the PMO tells them to do, no ifs, ands or Butts about that.

Ken McArthur

Someone looking after the interests of Canadians. The current PM is not capable of governing at this level. Also, he has no interest in the well being of anyone outside his immediate region. Trudeau, the callow trust-fund elitist can never be considered a Canadian promoting Canadian values.

tommy hawk

Let’s cut to the chase — regardless of the opinions some may hold for either Trudeau or Harper, the truth is in the pudding. And with Trudeau, he follows precisely the plan as laid out by Pierre — destroy Canada — say anything that comes to mind, be it true or not, and blame anyone and everyone for any failures. To act as he does takes absolutely no level of intellect and all he has to do is keep a tight rein on ‘his merry band of political bandits’ in the House on the Hill, and play for time. If… Read more »