WATCH: Stephen Harper Interview A Reminder Of What It Was Like Having A PM Who Could Think

Harper’s ability to delve deeply into an issue is a stark contrast from Trudeau.

In the wake of his new book Right Here Right Now being released, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper sat down for an interview with Mercedes Stephenson on The West Block.

Harper and Stephenson discussed a range of topics, particularly the rise of populism, and why Harper says left-wing politicians and the potential for socialism to spread is a big concern for him.

Harper’s remarks, and his ability to delve deeply into key issues facing our world is a stark contrast from Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau has taken to simply blaming Conservatives for all of Canada’s and the world’s problems, refusing to accept his own responsibility for anything, and lying constantly to the Canadian People.

Watching Harper discuss our world is a reminder of what it was like having a PM who could actually think about things, rather than spout off the latest politically-correct garbage.

Even if you don’t agree with everything Harper says, you can tell a lot of thought is going into it.

The interview can be watched below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube