Greenpeace Says ‘Rich Countries’ Like Canada Need To Fork Over TRILLIONS

At least they admit that it’s a communist style transfer of wealth.

One of the biggest things the Communists pushed for was a transfer of wealth from the so-called ‘rich countries’ – which tended to be allied with the Western capitalist powers, and the so-called ‘poor countries’ – which tended to ally themselves with the Soviet Union.

Of course, all the countries that have gone from poor to rich did so by embracing more capitalist style thinking. Yet, despite this reality, the communists kept pushing for global wealth redistribution.

So, after communism was discredited, the leftists have found a new way to try and push for that redistribution. Now, it’s under the excuse of dealing with ‘climate change costs,’ and using the dishonest United Nations climate change report as so-called justification.

Here’s what Greenpeace International said in a recent press release:

“The IPCC report gave us an alarming insight into the scale of harm that small island nations nations like mine, Fiji, will face,” said Kelvin Anthony, Greenpeace Australia Pacific’s Fiji campaigner. “Fijians and other Pacific Islanders are already witnessing some of these impacts.

“Pumping money into coal and oil will only make the climate breakdown worse – it’s dumb, it’s dangerous, and it’s going to expose us all to the risks of climate change.

“This is dangerous for everyone – rich or poor alike. The climate vulnerable are on the frontlines right now, but sooner or later everyone will be if we continue to burn coal, oil and gas.”

The IPCC report signalled that USD$2.4 trillion will be required to fund changes required to keep warming within 1.5C, but that this will provide for higher global aggregate economic growth because of lower climate related risks.

“Small Island States are the ones leading through their announced roadmaps towards a zero carbon world by 2050,” said Anthony.

“It’s crazy that the Marshall Islands and Fiji are so far ahead of places like France and Germany. Rich, developed countries must do more. There is no more second guessing. If rich nations can’t show us their plans to close their coal fleets, and to eliminate carbon pollution from their economies, then what is their plan for us?

“I want a liveable future for my daughter, but that will require bigger, richer, higher polluting countries stepping up and shifting the patterns in investment required if we are to avoid entire Pacific nations sliding beneath the waves. Importantly they must ensure climate vulnerable countries have the financial and technical support required to adapt, grow, and transition their economies.”

We can see the real message of that press release: With climate change as the excuse, the globalists leftists demand that developed Western countries like Canada must screw over their taxpayers and give trillions to countries that didn’t develop their economies.

That’s just a new excuse for the old-style communist global wealth redistribution of the past. We didn’t fall for it then, and we must not fall for it now.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Gonzo the Magnificent

If Trudeau gets reelected, he will certainly be interested in this idea.

D. Jerome Hauk

Climate change deniers. ‘ a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing ‘ This strawman has been much overused and has always signified nothing. No one…no one denies that climate changes…unless you are an idiot. What these fools are saying is really directed to those who admit that people, mankind if you like, contributes to global warming, BUT, the contribution is insignificant. The drivers of climate change, including but not restricted to the sun and the various cycles associated with the the suns energy output and the motions of the earth as it travels in… Read more »


Greenpeace Intl. is delusional. First off we don’t have the money because Trudeau spent it all and we live on borrowed money. Trillions really- hardly likely since we only have about 36 million people with approximately one third who pay no taxes. I am not interested in aiding other countries as they should be looking after themselves and climate conditions instead of financial handouts. Charity begins at home and I don’t want my tax dollars given away like Xmas candy while we do without courtesy of King Trudeau.


Seriously, Fiji? A small tropical area that really has no need for heat. They don’t really need motor vehicles either. How do they cook their food! So many hypocritical people and organizations streaming their pompous opinions and claiming everyone else must change. Canada is broke $$$. Charity starts at home. Tell your own, not to be global consumers. Tell them they will be the “Have nots”. ! I definitely agree we have created this excessive plastic/ tin production, which is not being completely recycled. Each country should not be sending their garbage to small countries, or dumping into our oceans.… Read more »

Leo Frey

All I can say is FU Kelvin Anthony. How about we put everyone from Greenpeace including all the Canadian Liberals on the island of Fiji and then pray that it slides into the ocean. End of problem.

Wendy Lush

Top photo: Look, its Superboy and Robin.. we’re saved!


Green peace needs to be put out of business for ever

Alain Turcotte

SuperCuck and Robinette to the rescue!

Mike Allan

Our lord and saviour controls the environment of his earth.We as God fearing Christian’s that know the words of the bible and believe,sincerely understand this.