Liberal MP Asks If Climate Change ‘Deniers’ Should Be Banned From State Broadcaster

You can see where this is heading…

Liberal MP Kent Hehr is currently running the following poll on Twitter:

Kent Hehr Poll

There are a few big problems with this:

First, using the term ‘denier’ is an obvious and disgusting attempt to link questions about climate change to the vile groups that deny the Holocaust.

Second, the left keeps expanding the so-called list of ‘deniers,’ now even saying that people who oppose a carbon tax are ‘deniers.’

So, you can see where this is heading: They want to make questioning the leftist message on carbon taxes and climate change into something so seemingly controversial that they can ban it and silence it.

And if Kent Hehr is running a poll like that, you can bet it’s a discussion now being had behind closed doors among the Liberals. It also shows the Liberals clearly think they tell CBC what to do.

As we can increasingly see, the Trudeau Liberals don’t want to just win elections, they want to silence and eliminate all other points of view.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Why is he still in parliament? Isn’t there a harassment suit against him? Why has he not resigned? F’g Liberals


Is this Canada or Venezuela I live in. The liberals are gone mad.

Dan M

ah yes the totalitarian Left showing its fascist colors again. Or is it more of the Communist branch of Socialism?…either way are we to expect Re-education camps soon too?

Gonzo the Magnificent

For the life of me, I wonder how many times the CBC has had a “climate change denier” on their cable news channel. I think they are/will be looking to silence the discussion on media sources that really have an impact – this one for example! Keep your eyes peeled Spencer!


Ban the CBC, ban the U.N. wasteful puppet LIEberals, and their programmed unable to think or discuss, radical globalist elite supporters.


Climates do that they change,,, Canada with all our forests is a Carbon Free area because tree’s take co2 out of the air and the leaves process it ! We are a Carbon neutral country . SOMEBODY Fibbed ! As the Solarwind is one of the major causes in climate change , we need a solar tax instead !

S Willis

Thank you Kent Hehr for making a solid case for our government to STOP ALL taxpayer funding to the CBC. This speaks volumes about how the Trudeau Liberal government envisions/uses the CBC as a propaganda arm for the Liberal Party. The stunning boldness of Hehr, his brash level of comfort in posing a question entertaining stifling free speech is astounding, frightening in fact. His casualness in doing so gives insight into what Trudeau’s “The Ministry of Propaganda” thinks about the suppression of Canadians’ basic right to free speech and free expression. Every Canadian should be outraged at Hehr’s question. What… Read more »


Odd….is the support for Trudeau not around 31%.

Leo Frey

We need to start a poll asking if Liberals should be banned from ever governing our country again.

Elaine Finn

The Libtards are showing their true intent with every foolish tweet. Keep it up as it’s bringing about your demise. Defund CBC and all propaganda players in this nation.

Harold Crowe

The government wants to silence the people who disagree, who oppose the carbon tax.
This is again is another attempt to control the media and denied the rights of Canadians.
Right to have free discussion, and to dimension the freedom of the press and the rights of
Canadians. This is to me is another direction to a socialists state.

Edith Wenzel

Of course they want to silence us. But, with that said when did they ever interview people who know this whole climate change caused by humans is a hoax and simply a money grab by the UN. Canada is not a rich country compared to European Countries. I was just there they spend like crazy, have old wealth everywhere you look and do NOTHING to decrease pollution, much less curb their use of anything, nor do they pay carbon taxes. They don’t even recycle.

Dirty Harry

When ya can’t win ya try to silence the opposing voice. Everyone’s got a sob story Kent. The Liberals won’t have a kent hehr’s chance at getting elected again with their foolishness these past couple years.

Mack Thrasher

The CBC Communist Broadcasting Corp is owned by the liberals because they fund them, the statement Climate change deniers is about as stupid as Climate Change is real and is happening now, Climate change has been happening for millions of years without us, and the deniers are the people who make those stupid statements. it is all about money and controlling the masses.