McKenna Promotes Group That Wants 500% Carbon Tax Hike

The group also opposes ALL pipelines.

Catherine McKenna has been caught on Twitter promoting a group that wants a gigantic carbon tax hike.

McKenna recently tweeted about a group called Put A Price On It Canada.

After the tweet, Alberta United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney brought attention to a Twitter thread by Ryan O’Connor showing what Put A Price On It Canada is all about.

Here’s O’Connor’s thread:

“1. After this debacle of a post, maybe it’s finally time for @cathmckenna to rest her Twitter thumbs. Below, she lauds the pro-carbon tax @PAPOICanada initiative. This seems innocuous at first, but let’s explore this group’s partners & mandate shall we?”

“2. supports an escalating carbon tax & a $100/tonne carbon tax. According to University of Calgary analyses (see Financial Post, Jun. 27/18), a carbon tax at that rate would cost $2,223 per household in & $2,340 in NS per annum.”

“3. The American counterpart of @PAPOICanada, @PriceOnIt, also supports a USD$80/tonne carbon tax, and was founded in part by @ourclimateus.”

“4. is a youth-focused group advocating for carbon taxes at the state level. It partners with & supports a variety of other groups, and is a member of the Power Shift Network ().”

“5. It’s hard to keep track of these layers of bureaucracy, but when we finally get to , we see that it vehemently opposes oil sands development and all pipelines.”

“6. Power Shift Network has organised and supported protests, legal action, and “resistance” against American pipelines and the Canada-US Enbridge Line 3.”

“7. It’s easy for to engage in Twitter virtue-signalling encouraging students to support carbon pricing. But in so doing, she carelessly provides celebrity political support for a group which opposes the oil sands and pipeline expansion.”

“8. As a cabinet minister of a federal gov’t that apparently so supports pipeline construction that it spent $4.5 billion to buy one, has a responsibility not to vocally support groups opposed to gov’t pipeline policy.”

“9. Or maybe not getting pipelines constructed is exactly what ‘s PMO wants considering its endorsement of .”

“10. Minister should retire her Twitter thumbs or resign from cabinet, & in the interim should stop using a Twitter platform to elevate her government’s hypocrisy on resource development & pipeline construction to Canada’s economic detriment.”

O’Connor says it all in his tweet thread. Share this post to spread this info far and wide, and help warn Canadians about the gigantic TAX HIKES McKenna and Trudeau are planning.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Dave Bainard

There is a “Tinder 40+” ad that has, I swear, a perfect picture of Climate Barbie.

Ron Voss

Crazy is as crazy does.

Moe. S.

Polluter Princess McKenna, who logged 60,000 air travel kilometers from Nov/2015-July/2016 jet-setting around the world while lecturing Canadians with alarmist rhetoric about using fossil fuels. Taxpayer’s paid for her globe-trotting adventures. Great example she is for these students she’s pandering to, who won’t be paying a dime’s worth in carbon taxes now or anytime soon.


These liberals have destroyed more countries in the last ten years than ever before . Failure after failure and they now demand us to bow to their power . I say no . You are wrong and even if you were half right, you wouldn’t have to become dictators .


This woman is dangerous to Canada. She is a complete and utter nutcake, who was hired by Trudeau, who is a 1/2 wit. 2019 cant come soon enough.

Brian Dougan

Can’t these Trudope people dress properly? T-shirts? Makes sense; I guess. They’re nothing more than cheerleaders.