Trudeau Government Trying To Help ISIS Terrorists – Including ‘Jihadi Jack’ – Come To Canada

They’re offering support to treasonous people who fought for the evil terrorist state.

A report by Global News reveals how the Trudeau government is offering help to ISIS terrorists held overseas, even saying that coming back to Canada is an ‘option’ for them.

The report includes a transcript of an online conversation, showing that the Trudeau federal government is apparently proactively reaching out to ISIS terrorists – including a terrorist dubbed ‘Jihadi Jack.’

“I’m from the government of Canada. Do you want assistance from us?”

“Yes,” Jack Letts, known in the British media as ‘Jihadi Jack’ replied.

“If so, what kind?”

“Please get me out of this place.”

With that, a Canadian consular official began an hour-long online exchange with Letts, a British 22-year-old with Canadian citizenship who is imprisoned by Kurdish forces in Syria.”

Global News says the transcripts “show that Canadian consular officials have been trying to find out where the Canadians are being detained in order to give them consular assistance.”

What that means is that that the Trudeau government is actively seeking out the ISIS terrorists in order to offer them assistance, going out of their way to try to help the evil terrorists potentially return to Canadian soil and put law-abiding Canadians in danger.

The government also told Jihadi Jack “we’ll try to help you,” and asking “if it would be possible, would you like to come back to Canada?”

The Trudeau government’s attempt to help ISIS fighters is a stark contrast to the U.K., which has simply refused to help Jihadi Jack.

The U.K. has it right. By joining ISIS, Jihadi Jack committed treason and declared himself an enemy of all civilized people and civilized nations.

Those who commit treason should be stripped of citizenship, charged in absentia, and left to deal with the consequences of their decision to join one of the most evil organizations in human history.

But instead of doing that, the Trudeau government offers help – at taxpayer expense of course.

Here’s another part of the transcript:

“I promise not to blow anyone up with fertaliser [sic] or however they do it,” Letts wrote, adding “that was a joke.”

“We have the intention to help you,” the official wrote.

“Obviously I’m not going to blow anyone up.”

“Canada is an option,” said the official.


This is a disgrace. Fighting for ISIS is treason. It’s obvious. Treasonous people should be stripped of citizenship and should be permanently banned from ever returning to Canada.

Spencer Fernando

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Don Taylor

TRUDEAU should be charged with Treason if those terrorist step one foot on Canadian soil


Why is that man not in jail? If I did the same thing I’d be arrested for terrorist activity

Moe. S.

Hypocritically ironic how this gov’t views ISIS terrorists as, “a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian” unless your a Canadian citizen who questions this Liberal govt’s policy on terrorist returnee’s or illegal migrants coming to Canada, then your considered “un-Canadian” not deserving of your country. Totally insane logic.


Our Prime Minister is so psychologically sick and morally corrupt, not knowing right from wrong, it’s scary.

Cheryl Prosyk

You are so right, but the blame also lays on the shoulders of the people that voted him in! If he gets a second term, Canada will become overrun with these people and the young Canadians that voted him in will pay for it the rest of their lives!

Jerome Gross

Why isn’t something being done for treason…he basically gets away with everything

Scott mcIntosh

Trudeau has completely lost his mind!