WATCH: Freeland Calls Treasonous ISIS Terrorists “Foreign Fighters”

Why are the Liberals unable to just call things what they are?

The Trudeau Liberals – like the entire radical left – regularly manipulate language, refusing to actually call anything what it really is.

For example, illegal border crossers become “irregular migrants,” Islamic State becomes “Daesh,” and many other terms get turned upside down, to deliberately obscure reality.

And here’s the latest example, as shared by @MannyOttawa on Twitter:

“Why do Liberals always bastardize language to drive their narrative?

1. Murdering a Child- ‘bad practice’
2. Illegal border crossers- ‘irregulars’
3. Carbon Tax- ‘price on pollution’

4. Treasonist ISIS – ‘Foreign fighters’”

If the Trudeau government can’t even call treasonous ISIS terrorists what they are, how could the Canadian people trust hem on anything else?

This kind of Orwellian double-speak is creepy and dangerous, because it is designed to destroy words as a source of truth and meaning.

We need to reject it, and instead speak honestly, plainly, and be willing to describe reality as it is.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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