WATCH: Scheer Slams Liberals On ISIS & USMCA

Question Period is back.

With Parliament sitting and Question Period back, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer slammed the Liberals on ISIS terrorists and the USMCA trade deal.

Scheer attacked the Liberals for offering “poetry classes” to ISIS terrorists they let back into Canada, and hit the Liberals for making concessions on the trade deal replacing NAFTA.

This comes as the Trudeau Liberals face serious questions over why they are offering help to ISIS terrorists overseas, attempting to assist in the terrorists’ efforts to come back to our country.

Check out the clip below:

LIVE: Back in Question Period today. Focusing on ISIS fighters returning to Canada and all the concessions for Canadians in Justin Trudeau’s USMCA deal.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Don Taylor

the whole liberal Globalist’s should be facing charges of treason for going against the will of the Canadian people, Trudeau is becoming or already is the most HATED PM in Canadian history


Not just the most hated PM, but one of the most hated person in the country. He joins others like Clifford Olson , Paul Bernardo, Carla Homolka and other disgusting criminals.

Don Taylor

The Canadian people where not told of the Globalist views of Trudeau and his Goons when they were running for office,they hid that story from the people just like they hide every thing now

Norbert Kausen

Don, I was aware of his intentions and I had tried to warn everyone I possibly could! I knew what would happen; it was like watching a train wreck unfold and you know it is hsppening but you cannot prevent it! Now Canada is in SERIOUS trouble! Apparently. even CSIS is now considering normal Canadians who oppose Trudeau’s criminal agenda as being far right extremists, according to that communist rag, the TorStar!

Don Taylor

Wake up people Turdeau and his goons are destroying our country to please the Globalist’s in their wicked search for a New world Order,that would be controlled by an unelected group of elites,that is why Trudeau is trying to change Canada as we know it, Turdeau wants a seat on that board

tommy hawk

Just more proof that the Liberal Party of Canada (along with all the supporters) are insane — there can be no other description for them.