Here’s Why A New Poll Is Good News For Conservatives, And Bad News For Trudeau

Big number of Canadians won’t even consider voting Liberal.

A new Angus Reid poll has some good news for the Conservative Party, and some bad news for the Trudeau Liberals.

While the poll asked a lot of questions, the key number is when it comes to who Canadians are considering voting for.

The results show a much larger number of Canadians willing to consider voting Conservative than are willing to consider voting Liberal.

A full 49% of Canadians say they would “Never” consider voting Liberal. By comparison, 18% are Core Liberals, 22% are Likely Liberals, and 11% say they would “Maybe” vote Liberal.

Broken down, that means 51% of Canadians are open to voting Liberal, while 49% are not.

The numbers for the Conservatives are different.

37% say they would “Never” consider voting Conservative. 28% are Core Conservatives, 20% are Likely Conservatives, and 15% would “Maybe” vote Conservative.

This means 63% of Canadians are willing to consider voting Conservative, while 37% are not.

This 12 point gap between the Conservatives and the Liberals in terms of Canadians willing to vote for them is great news for the Conservative Party.

It gives them more room to gain potential voters, while it limits the Trudeau Liberals potential ceiling of support.

Trudeau came into office with high approval ratings, but has steadily alienated more and more Canadians, to the point in which nearly half the country totally rejects him and won’t even consider voting Liberal.

A consequence of this is that the next election will be one of the most negative of all time. The Liberals will attempt to demonize Conservatives, to drive down the number of Canadians willing to vote for the main Opposition Party.

We can already see this in the increasingly divisive tactics of the Liberals – including their doubling-down on vile identity politics and blaming the Conservatives for everything.

That’s only going to get worse.

Spencer Fernando

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Gonzo the Magnificent

I can’t wait for The Emperor to come to my riding in 2019. Could some one tell me the price of a loudspeaker – I plan to be in the market for one? HA HA!

Sewer Rat

I hope he never sullies my riding with his appearance. Even when Trudeau flies over Alberta at 30,000′ on his way to BC, it is STILL too close!

Beverley Campbell

Just as I suspected, virtually no one wants to see his face for another 4 years but lets not let down our guard, lets not celebrate just yet, remain vigilant as he will soon start handing out new and wondrous promises, yes, even to us, not just to other countries and ISIS fighters.

yvon monahan

At some point during the campaign I’m sure the conservatives will bring out the ” Kokanee Groping ” incident It would be nice if they could convince the young lady to step forward and give her account of what happened .


I hope that these Lieberal voters are people who can not be bothered voting as they obviously can not care about their country.

Ivan Hawkes

My sincere REQUEST to those Canadians who feel supportive of the Liberal government: PLEASE provide a list of “positive and productive accomplishments” completed by the Liberal government. I remain unaware of ANY actual accomplishments, for the best interests of Canadians, that have actually been completed by the Liberal attempt at being some sort of government. PLEASE help me understand “WHY” you feel supportive of the Liberals. I am truly curious as to why you support Justin, so please help me to understand.


Napoleon once said, “When your enemy is in the process of destroying himself, keep out of his way and let him do it”.

Wendy Lush

The irony is that Trudeau looks a lot like Napoleon, and thinks he IS Napoleon!

Eric Blair

Just wait to see how many will consider voting Liberal once the legalization of pot really starts to take effect. In the stock market the pot stocks, once some quarterly earning numbers come in, will tank as the market realizes that the pot sector has too many players and the projected sales did not materialize. So lots of investors are going to lose money big time. Kids everywhere will be smoking up with no fear of being caught by police as it is legal, so it will get out of hand. Lots of people will realize what a mistake it… Read more »

Don Taylor

I would never consider voting for Liberals, They NEVER take responsibility for any thing, and what EVER they do that is negative for them they blame it on somebody else ,Trudeau is like a little boy that has never grown up to take responsibility for his actions, he is a true Narcissist,it truly is hard to believe that any sane person would follow this danger to our Canada

Mike Allan

Indoctrination of the libtards has no love for country or conservatives.They view socialist idea’s as we don’t need to be creative because big government will see to all our needs.

Norbert Kausen

I would NEVER vote liberals… EVER!!! Not after what they have REPEATEDLY done to Canada, beginning with P.E. Trudeau and culminating with this traitor, Justine Trudeau, his boor of a son!


Good starting point! A Forward thinking leader described the Best thing about poles is what Dog’s use them for !

Jonathan Bryant

A year from now Canada flushes the turd and turns back the clock to prior October 19 2015

tommy hawk

Now that is the best Christmas present Canadians could hope for — Merry Christmas and (hopefully) a Happy New Year.