WATCH: Scheer & Trudeau Clash On Government Proactively Assisting ISIS Terrorists

The Trudeau government is on the defensive.

As the Trudeau Liberals try to use weasel words like ‘foreign fighters,’ ‘extremist travellers,’ and ‘Daesh,’ to avoid calling ISIS terrorists what they are, the government is facing mounting questions.

It was recently revealed that the federal government had proactively reached out to a British ISIS terrorist dubbed ‘Jihadi Jack’ who is being held overseas.

Reports indicated that the Trudeau government reached out to provide ‘assistance’ to Jihadi Jack, even asking if he wanted to come to Canada and saying that was an ‘option’ for him.

In Question Period, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer demanded Trudeau answer ‘why’ the government was offering assistance to an ISIS terrorists.

Here’s how things went:

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter

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D Me

Typical Trudeau. The pathetic idiot thinks he is a clever debater by NEVER answering the simplest of questions.


Yep, he never answered the question. Just avoided it. Why What is it they are hiding? Aiding and abetting terrorists?

Shawn Harris

Trudeau will never answer questions about terrorists, because to give a truthful answer would expose his real and very deep belief in and support of terrorists. Trudeau believes so strongly in being to be seen as a virtuous man that he is only to willing to sacrifice the safety of Canadians, while at the same time rewarding our enemies, both within Canada and outside if Canada.


We actually have to wait another year before we can toss this government out. Can’t come fast enough.

Wendy Lush

By the way, Happy Reefer Madness Day.


WTF! I can not WAIT to vote this moron OUT. Whoin their right Mind would do something so heinous like this. There has to be away to boot this government OUT NOW.

Dan M

Trudeau will never give a direct answer, if he answers at all.

Ana Gomes

Smart Canadians, please give the traitors, so called Liberals ,a ticket out of Canadian politics.Friends of Terrorists do not have a place in The Canadian Government. That is truly UN_CANADIAN, just like our Prime Mistake. Shame on the ones who protect traitors to our people and to our Canadian principles, as the CBC does. De- fund the corruption. ENOUGH, ENOUGH ,ENOUGH!!! MAY THE TRUDEAU NAME NEVER APPEAR AGAIN, IN ANY LIST OF CANADIAN POLITICIANS RUNNING FOR OFFICE, AT ANY LEVEL.


That traitor Trudeau would have been arrested 30 years ago .
Vote him OUT!

J.E M.

Why do they have a MR Speaker when he does not get the person to answer the question another waste of tax payers money.

Sewer Rat

And yet, Trudeau doesn’t see any problems with reaching out to known terrorists and bringing them here.

Bill Quest

Watch these returning ISIS demons , the Liberal ‘ foreign Fighters ‘ become venerated ‘Canadian veterans’ for the demented Libs and afforded all the benefits of our veterans …..

Karl G Noll

Absolutely unbelievable. Trudeau and his government policies are the reason ordinary Canadians are scared. Claiming that a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian except if he’s from a foreign country and then they will make him a Canadian regardless of the fact that these individuals have committed acts so heinous that they defy modern values of law, empathy and compassion for fellow human beings. Trudeau claims that they will be charged if it is proven that they have committed acts contrary to the laws of Canada and yet allows these terrorists to roam freely here in Canada after they… Read more »


Scheer and the whole PC bunch are still under the tragic delusion that arguing with a dictator and traitor guilty of high treason according to Canadian law and bent on turning Canada into the first post-nation Caliphate is actually useful.

Shame on these blind politicians.


It is really getting tiring and getting nowhere questioning this turdball. There has been so much Yapping in the last three years, and F all has been done.


Yo turdball…keep yapping and maybe one day you will believe yourself…and why are their speaking to the speaker. He needs to sit down and shut the hell up.

Watching this is like a merry go round and round and round.