WATCH: Scheer & Trudeau Clash On Government Proactively Assisting ISIS Terrorists

The Trudeau government is on the defensive.

As the Trudeau Liberals try to use weasel words like ‘foreign fighters,’ ‘extremist travellers,’ and ‘Daesh,’ to avoid calling ISIS terrorists what they are, the government is facing mounting questions.

It was recently revealed that the federal government had proactively reached out to a British ISIS terrorist dubbed ‘Jihadi Jack’ who is being held overseas.

Reports indicated that the Trudeau government reached out to provide ‘assistance’ to Jihadi Jack, even asking if he wanted to come to Canada and saying that was an ‘option’ for him.

In Question Period, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer demanded Trudeau answer ‘why’ the government was offering assistance to an ISIS terrorists.

Here’s how things went:

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter