BREAKING: Paul Bernardo Denied Parole

The killer will remain behind bars.

Murderer Paul Bernardo will remain behind bars after he was denied both day and full parole.

Bernardo – who alongside Karla Homolka committed horrific crimes including rape and murder – had pathetically tried to blame his crimes on low self-esteem.

Because our justice system is garbage, Bernardo was eligible for parole after 25 years.

That parole was denied.

As Canadians noted on Twitter, it’s an absolute outrage that he was even able to apply for parole:

“a descipable piece of human trash has the ‘right’ to revictimize today as serial murderer/rapist Paul Bernardo’s parole appeal is heard. And the elites wonder why populism is growing.”

“The fact that Paul Bernardo even has a chance for parole is so unsettling. Whyyyyyyy is he even give the option let alone a good chance of being granted parole?!”

So, while it’s good that Bernardo will stay behind bars, the fact that he didn’t get the death penalty and the fact that he was able to apply for parole shows how messed up the justice system in Canada still remains.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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stephen adler

I thought for sure that he would be granted a Parole and then be appointed to the Trudeau Cabinet as the new Minister for Perverted Liberals

Elizabeth Thorne

I attended court once a week for three years, I found out victims are the bad guys and the good guys are just poor, little, mixed up people that society made into troubled individuals. Go figure.


I am glade the sadist did not get parole, it is too bad his sadist Karla is still not in prison, killing her own sister for their sick pleasure and helping him with other young girls. etc.
Never should these people be left to walk the streets again.