CORRUPTION? Why Won’t Trudeau Release Documents In Mark Norman Case?

The Liberal government seems very afraid.

The case of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman keeps looking worse and worse for the Trudeau government.

The government is going after him for allegedly ‘leaking cabinet secrets’ regarding a navy lease. The government says it was an effort to influence the government and embarrass.

Norman is facing a serious accusation, and he of course deserves the chance to defend himself.

But he is unable to do so unless all documents pertaining to the issue – some of which are cabinet documents (which can only be released by the Prime Minister) are released.

However, the Trudeau government is so far refusing to release pertinent documents, and it seems like the refusal stems in part from concerns that Scott Brison may have potentially interfered in the process.

They seem afraid, and they seem afraid of possible corruption.

Here’s part of a report from Murray Brewster – who works at CBC but has nonetheless been doing great reporting on this:

“Lawyers for the career military officer deny he was the source of the information.

They claim the case against their client is politically motivated and that Brison, who was on the hot seat earlier in the week, politically interfered in the lease deal.

There is no shortage of questions to be asked about the decisions which led to the downfall of the former head of the navy; what sort of political influence may, or may not, have been at play; and how the Liberals have handled, or mishandled, the shipbuilding program at the heart of the Norman scandal.

“I suspect there is a lot more that can be dredged up,” said Richard Cohen, an ex-army officer who served as former defence minister Peter MacKay’s adviser.

The RCMP initiated the investigation and charged Norman with breach of trust because of leaks surrounding a cabinet decision

The story was originally published by CBC News. The journalist, James Cudmore, went to work for Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan weeks after writing the story.Cohen said there are accountability questions to be asked there.

He said he believes Brison’s possible political connections with Irving Shipbuilding need to be explored in depth in order to assure the public that there is nothing to the accusations of Norman’s lawyers.

“We, unfortunately, cannot take Scott Brison at his word and there should be a thorough public accounting,” said Cohen.”

This all looks pretty shady, and certainly needs to be looked into.

If Vice-Admiral Norman is the victim of a political prosecution it is an absolute disgrace. If that’s what happened, then a man who devoted his life to serving his country is being thrown under the bus in order to protect the selfish political interests of the Trudeau Liberals.

And that’s why people are pushing for answers.

But when Andrew Scheer asked why Trudeau won’t release the documents, Justin Trudeau hid behind a BS excuse and avoided the question every time.

You can watch the disgraceful spectacle below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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The always unaccountable trudeau & the liberal mafia are highly allergic to being transparent. They don’t believe they should be questioned on anything. Ever.

D Me

This pathetic prime minister knows he’s out of his league. Canadians would love to know what he is hiding. But he doesn’t have the cajones. October 2019 is coming fast…not fast enough for me!


So Says our Crime Minister Chicken Little is more credible !


What a joke Trudeau is, he is not only stupid but he is a criminal! STOP the Madness STOP trudeau!


It wouldn’t be the first time Irving Shipyards had benefited from Liberal corruption. Years ago Chretien’s lieberals suckered Burrard Yarrows Group in North Vancouver to keep revising their bid on the “Polar 8” ice breaker for the federal government. Engineering costs for the bidding process bankrupted the shipyard, throwing my father and brother out of work. The prime real estate Burrards occupied at the foot of Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver was picked up for next to nothing, turned into expensive waterfront condos, and the dry dock equipment itself, which had been paid for by the Canadian taxpayer was nearly… Read more »

Eric Blair

So let’s look at this from the viewpoint of a Quebecer: they see Trudeau siding with a New Brunswick ship builder over a Quebec based ship builder. So what could go wrong with that? For starters Quebec has 78 seats in parliament whereas New Brunswick has a mere 10 seats. Trudeau has already had his butt kicked in Quebec so far and it will only get worse as this court case drags out (kind of like Mike (the duff) Duffy’s did right into the last election. So how many seats will the liberals lose in Quebec because of this? I… Read more »