Forum Poll Projects Federal Conservative MAJORITY

Liberals fail to get bump from over-hyped trade deal ‘win.’

A new poll by Forum Research shows the federal Conservatives with a commanding lead over the Trudeau Liberals.

Here are the key numbers:

Conservatives – 41%, Liberals – 32%, NDP – 15%, Green Party 7%, Bloc – 4%, Other – 1%.

The poll did not include the People’s Party led by Maxime Bernier.

Translated into seat totals, the Conservatives would win 184 seats, the Liberals 113, the NDP 33, the Bloc 7, and the Greens 1.

That would give the Conservatives a majority government.

While the Liberals had sought to heavily over-hype the recent trade deal as a ‘win,’ it seems people are realizing that Canada didn’t actually gain anything in the deal, and instead made one-sided concessions while the U.S. got more of what they wanted.

One important note is that this is just one poll, and other polls have shown a closer race – with the Nanos poll regularly showing the Liberals with a lead.

With control over of the CBC propaganda machine, the backing of much of the entertainment and economic elites, and the establishment media biased against the Conservatives, the Liberals will not be easily defeated, and complacency is not an option.

As the election gets closer, the demonization of Conservatives will keep ramping up, and the government lies and propaganda will reach a fevered pitch.

This is far from over.

Spencer Fernando

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Karma paying a visit to those who desperately deserve it lets only hope that it continues!


Anyway, even if, GO CONSERVATIVES!!! Win, Win.
I still hope they will denounce the U.N. and all their corruption.

Just a funny story (think Ontario.s NDP vs Doug Ford) the U.N. with the USA lead a delegation on Cuba’s failing human rights, the 12 delegates from Cuba banged on their desks and yelled, throughout the meeting. Then went on about how bad the USA was, so were asked how come all the refugees, yours and everyone else’s all try to get into the US? Banging and yelling continued, must be a lefty thing.


The liberals and NDP still have enough to stop the conservatives from doing anything. They will stop at nothing to stop what ever the Conservative party will try and do. They are of the same mind set so little will change. Unless the liberals and NDP are wiped out completely the country is in danger. Trying to undo the damage done by these two parties will take a huge effort by this country to eliminate these people who have done so much damage and destabilize this country. We need to have laws made that will stop this from ever happening… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

THAT was a given! With Trudeau destroying Canada, it was inevitable that the Conservatives would now be in the majority if an electin was held! Trudeau has usurped Canadian sovereignty and sold us out to the global elite, including China, which is a globalist tool. He has arrogantly gone against the wishes of Canadians, he has openly flaunted actually gone against Canadian law and has perptrated malfeasance at a gross level, against Canada and Canadians! He has committed treason, in bringing back ISIS fighters, who have fought against us and our allies and openly financed terrorist supporting organizations, aiding and… Read more »

Ivan Hawkes

Then so be it!!! The LIEberals have proven themselves irresponsible, irrational, neglectful, arrogant, spontaneous, and acting far outside of the wishes and ethics of most Canadians. Giving away multiples of BILLIONS while First Nations STILL don’t have potable water, while infrastructure is ignored, while ILLEGAL border crossing people are costing our nation MILLIONS and more. The huge long list of fiasco and waste goes on and on and on. The LIEberals have PROVEN themselves inept and completely outside of their range of responsibility and DUTY to Canadian people.

Sewer Rat

This still means that 58% of Canadian voters are clueless idiots.


I live in the Saanich Gulf Islands riding, where Elizabeth May easily won the last two elections. I thought she’d easily win again, but we have a conservative who is already knocking on doors. The riding used to be conservative before May took over. Am really hoping it flips back next year. I will probably volunteer to help out next year as the election approaches. I really want the liberals out!

Gonzo the Magnificent

We all know how the Liberals are at 32%. if the truth was known, they would be down to 22% just above their core support.

Davy Crockette

Liberals will win re-election, they have both George Soros & Obama working on corrupting Canada’s system. Trudeau has committed so many crimes that he can’t afford to lose. Trudeau belongs in prison not in parliament