“Red-Faced,” “Yelling,” Andrea Horwath Needs “Anger Management” Claims PC MPP Skelly

Donna Skelly says Horwath pushed her, Horwath says it was a “tap.”

PC MPP Donna Skelly says Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath pushed her in the Ontario Legislative building.

Skelly says Horwath was “red-faced” and “screaming,” adding that she thinks Horwath needs “anger management.”

Skelly referred to Horwath as an “angry woman.”

“PC MPP @SkellyHamilton tells reporters she thinks NDP Leader @AndreaHorwath needs to go to anger management classes calls her an “angry woman”

Here’s a video of Skelly saying what apparently happened:

Horwath denies the claims, saying it was nothing more than a ‘tap’ on the shoulder.

So far, no video of the alleged incident has been shared, so this whole thing will be left as a back-and-forth political debate.

With that in mind however, the left has become more and more unhinged, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see unhinged actions from the radical-left socialist NDP.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter