“Red-Faced,” “Yelling,” Andrea Horwath Needs “Anger Management” Claims PC MPP Skelly

Donna Skelly says Horwath pushed her, Horwath says it was a “tap.”

PC MPP Donna Skelly says Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath pushed her in the Ontario Legislative building.

Skelly says Horwath was “red-faced” and “screaming,” adding that she thinks Horwath needs “anger management.”

Skelly referred to Horwath as an “angry woman.”

“PC MPP @SkellyHamilton tells reporters she thinks NDP Leader @AndreaHorwath needs to go to anger management classes calls her an “angry woman”

Here’s a video of Skelly saying what apparently happened:

Horwath denies the claims, saying it was nothing more than a ‘tap’ on the shoulder.

So far, no video of the alleged incident has been shared, so this whole thing will be left as a back-and-forth political debate.

With that in mind however, the left has become more and more unhinged, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see unhinged actions from the radical-left socialist NDP.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Wow Andrea Horrible takes on Donna Skelly, I just cannot imagine having to work with Andrea Horwath and Wynne together both are scary. Donna used to work here in Hamilton on a pretty liberal TV station, then quit and ran for the Conservatives, I wonder if they knew each other before.
Go Donna! Go Doug Ford!


Someone needs to release the video of her being herself. I’m thinking she is not being honest in her claim about only tapping the shoulder, she is far to calm in explaining her story.


kid stuff ….


horwath & the ndp have nothing to bring to table except socialist policies sanctuary cities, anti antisemitism, “free stuff” etc. So, all they have left is SJW crap, resist, yell & scream. Thankfully the ndp did not win a majority Government in Ontario. Hopefully next election they get decimated at the voting booth.

Ken (Kulak)

The left of all varieties seems to be slowly becoming more unhinged in North America with every month and itching for violence.


Doesn’t compare to Trudeau “B00b-gate” though 😉

WopOn Tour

Just more of the violent leftist mob being bullies whilst claiming moral high-ground. It’s shear lunacy…


When someone is accused of doing something that is not true, they get really upset. Andrea Horvath did not get angry because it is true that she did more than tap. Horvath is even exaggerating every facial movement. A sign of lying.