CRISIS: Illegal Border Crossings Are Still Going Up In 2018

Trudeau’s refusal to enforce our border laws leads to ongoing increase in illegal border crossers.

While the Trudeau government tries to pretend they are ‘dealing’ with the illegal border crossing crisis, the numbers show that the problem is still getting worse.

Global News has reported that the number of illegal border crossers so far in 2018 is 15,726.

At the same time last year, 15,102 had crossed illegally.

Keep in mind, those are just the number of those intercepted and then let into the country illegally. We have no idea how many people slipped across the border illegally without anyone knowing.

According to the report, “The government has insisted the issue of irregular border crosses is not a crisis. “There is a challenge, but it is not a crisis,” said Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale during an appearance before an emergency meeting of the House of Commons immigration committee to discuss the situation in July. But a poll released by the Angus Reid Institute found 67 per cent of Canadians disagree and think it is a “crisis.”’

It is a crisis, and it’s still getting worse.

Because the government refuses to get tough, a message continues being sent that anyone can just walk across the border without consequences. After all, 99% of those who crossed into Canada illegally are still in the country.

And all of this is paid for by Canadians. By letting lawbreakers stay in Canada, the Trudeau government punishes law-abiding Canadians, once again showing their anti-Canadian attitude.

Spencer Fernando

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Don Taylor

Turdeau is the worst PM even worse than his father who caused hundreds of business’s to go bankrupt. He deserves to be removed from office right now,before he breaks the country like he wants to do,just like his father


The LIEberal;/ndp propaganda media, is keeping very quiet on this matter now, so thank you Spencer our hero, who is keeping up on this. The Latin American Heritage Times just printed that the (mainly Honduras) 2000 plus people and growing a new caravan heading for the USA, is now up to Guatemala. In this media they say they will come to Canada, if they can pass through the USA. Never mind the new, now over 300,000 Obama and the Clinton’s imported that President Trump has now found out about, illegally on assistance in the USA and President Trump is now… Read more »

Dave French

then all these ILLEGAL BORDER CROSSINGS will STOP when

Moe. S.

The U.S. border patrol is preparing for a ‘caravan’ of 3,000 immigrants from Hondorus, El Salvador, and Guatemala with intentions of surging in mass across the border. What’s stopping this same kind of scenario from happening at the Canadian border? Nothing. It will be just a matter of time and these caravans of illegal migrants will be heading for our borders. Trudeau will do absolutely nothing to stop it.

Wendy Lush

Moe, there are reports that some in this ‘caravan’ (or ‘mob’ I should say) have Canada as their ultimate destination, not the US.

Elizabeth Thorne

I do hope people in Ontario are asking their municipal candidates how they feel about the crime the federal Liberals are condoning–stop them at the bottom–no more illegals.

Mike Allan

Time to run the little socialist trudeau out of money,no more transfer payments to Ottawa.That goes for the carbon tax as well.Thanks to the provinces for saying no to carbon tax but all should just say No.


What is preventing each Province from enforcing their own borders? Simply install layers of razor wire to force migrants to cross at legal entry points. Deduct the cost from taxes sent to the Liberals.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Ralph Goodale should be ashamed of himself! How any one in Saskatchewan could have voted him to power and probably again in 2019 is totally unbelievable. Come to think of it those that voted this traitor in should be doubly ashamed. They have been easily bought off by the LPC by getting a cabinet member in their riding and the benefits that accrue due to that.