MATH IS HARD: McKenna Makes Massive Cap & Trade Flub

McKenna thinks families paying fewer in taxes and saving more money makes them “worse off.” How does that work exactly?

Catherine McKenna makes huge and hilarious mistakes on Twitter almost daily, and the latest is a classic.

McKenna was reacting to the following Tweet:

“Cancelling the cap and trade program will worsen the ON’s budget balance by a total of $3 billion over the next four years.”

Of course, we realize that worsening Ontario’s budget balance by $3 billion means the government is taking in $3 billion less in revenue.

And since that revenue comes from taxpayers, it means that taxpayers and businesses are saving $3 billion.

It’s among the simplest ideas out there.

But McKenna didn’t get it.

Here’s what she tweeted in response to the FAO report:

“Ontario’s financial watchdog says Ford’s decision to scrap a price on pollution will lead to $3 billion in lost revenue, making Ontario families worse off. This shouldn’t be surprising. If you don’t have a plan to fight climate change, you don’t have a plan to grow the economy.”

What an embarrassment.

How could McKenna not have understood this?

How could she think that people paying less in taxes makes them worse-off?

What kind of magical upside down unicorn universe does she think we’re living in?

It’s a hilarious mistake, but it’s also pretty concerning since McKenna is the one implementing the carbon tax. If she can’t even get something so basic right, how can she be trusted on anything else?


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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not difficult to conclude she belongs to the MASTER BLUNDER LEFT


Oh this is in all the Lieberal/ndp propaganda mainstream media, “Doug Ford costing Ontario $ 3 billion cancelling the Carbon tax” then they compare this to the $4 billion Wynne really did cost Ontario re the hydro green plan that makes 7% of Ontario’s hydro, when it is working, and then we have to give some away very cheap to Quebec and the states, and we have to buy more expensive hydro from Quebec too? but the $4 billion debt is there and we have to pay for it also. I guess if you keep trying to confuse the population… Read more »


Ms. McKenna, how did the economy grow before the IPCC
was formed?

“Ontario’s financial watchdog says Ford’s decision to scrap a price on pollution …”

Carbon dioxide is not pollution; it is required for photosynthesis.

Where did these people get educated?

Tom Clark

Peter Tabbuns of the NDP was spouting the same nonsense in Queen’s Park in Question Period on Monday.

Lynda Nanni

Just goes to prove the Trudeau government does not give a whit for the citizens of Canada or their quality of life.

Lynda Nanni

Just proves the Trudeau government does not give a whit for the taxpayers of Canada and is maybe even actively trying to destroy the middle class.

Brian Dougan

“Climate Change.” I think it’s past time to re-name Climate Barbie to Chicken Little. What a total idiot. It’s almost embarrassing–Does she really; truly believe the bunk spilling out of her mouth? “Climate change…a plan to grow the economy.” That statement is so ass backwards it makes me cringe.

Brian Dougan

One additional point: Let’s not forget; her master says he will grow the economy “from the heart out.” Blithering idiots. I think they share the same single brain cell. Maybe they both have advanced syphilis.

Jack Seerey

Finally the Provincial Governments are demanding their money back out of the Carbon Tax Cookie Jar. The Federal Gov’t has not rational approach other than tax the Middle Class!

Jack Seerey

Federal Government Carbon Tax!

Jack Seerey

I did!

Jack Seerey

What is the rationale and detailed programs to justify Federal Governments Carbon Tax?

Mike Allan

From illegals to carbon tax to shutting down pipelines to pot so your lungs will tar up.The people that voted for the little socialist should be given a one way ticket out of Canada.

Terry Gain

Leftists are innumerate

Ken (Kulak)

Typical Liberal math.


To left wing Libtards this makes sense. But many libtards are on the receiving end & like it that way, or have many non productive supports to support, and have to keep these types on payroll. The army of the non productive always likes it when the productive are robbed for their benefit.

Not hard to see