MATH IS HARD: McKenna Makes Massive Cap & Trade Flub

McKenna thinks families paying fewer in taxes and saving more money makes them “worse off.” How does that work exactly?

Catherine McKenna makes huge and hilarious mistakes on Twitter almost daily, and the latest is a classic.

McKenna was reacting to the following Tweet:

“Cancelling the cap and trade program will worsen the ON’s budget balance by a total of $3 billion over the next four years.”

Of course, we realize that worsening Ontario’s budget balance by $3 billion means the government is taking in $3 billion less in revenue.

And since that revenue comes from taxpayers, it means that taxpayers and businesses are saving $3 billion.

It’s among the simplest ideas out there.

But McKenna didn’t get it.

Here’s what she tweeted in response to the FAO report:

“Ontario’s financial watchdog says Ford’s decision to scrap a price on pollution will lead to $3 billion in lost revenue, making Ontario families worse off. This shouldn’t be surprising. If you don’t have a plan to fight climate change, you don’t have a plan to grow the economy.”

What an embarrassment.

How could McKenna not have understood this?

How could she think that people paying less in taxes makes them worse-off?

What kind of magical upside down unicorn universe does she think we’re living in?

It’s a hilarious mistake, but it’s also pretty concerning since McKenna is the one implementing the carbon tax. If she can’t even get something so basic right, how can she be trusted on anything else?


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube