TRUDEAU APPROVAL RATING: Donald Trump Is More Popular In The U.S. Than Justin Trudeau Is In Canada

Yet this is almost never reported. What a surprise…

If you watch Canadian news, you’ll often see far more coverage of Donald Trump than you will of Justin Trudeau or Canadian politics.

Most of the coverage of Trump is uniformly negative, and watching it could give you the impression that Trump is massively unpopular in the U.S.

By contrast, the coverage that Trudeau gets (even in the U.S. media) usually presents him as a popular figure, with widespread support among Canadians.

Yet, both of those perceptions are wrong.

As we’ll see in the data below, Donald Trump is more popular in the U.S. than Justin Trudeau is in Canada. And that’s really all that matters, since leaders are judged by the people who actually elect them.

Here are some of the key numbers:

According to the Real Clear Politics aggregation of Trump approval polls, 44.1% of Americans approve of him, while 51.7% disapprove.

What about Trudeau?

Well, according to the CBC Leader Meter, which aggregates Trudeau approval polls, 40.6% of Canadians approve of Trudeau, while 49.1% disapprove.

So, Trump’s net approval rating is -7.6, while Trudeau’s net approval rating is -8.5.

Screengrabs of the numbers are below:

Donald Trump Approval Rating

Trump Approval Rating

Justin Trudeau Approval Rating

Trudeau Approval Rating

The only logical conclusion from those numbers is that Donald Trump is more popular in the country he governs than Justin Trudeau is in the country he governs.

Funny how you never see that reported. The media coverage gives the exact opposite impression.

This gap between the actual facts and numbers, and the way the coverage is manipulated is another reason we can’t trust the narratives being pushed by the establishment media.

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Spencer Fernando

Photos – Screengrabs, YouTube

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Don Taylor

I think that approval number for Trudeau is 20 points to high


I agree. Trudeau is hated by many Canadian citizens.


How can Justin Trudeau possibly have a 40.6% approval in Canada – the very country that he has been destroying?? Are there that many oblivious, uncaring Canadians in Canada?? His approval rating should be closer to ZERO!


What is Trump’s approval rating in Canada?
Can we trade Trudeau for Trump under the
new free trade agreement?


And anything polled by the Lieberal/ndp CBC and their Lieberal readers is not worth paying attention to. While President Trump still has over flow at the rallies he has been at across the USA in stadiums holding over 10,000 people, looking to hear what he has to say, and cheer him on.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Which is why the Mid -Terms will be a good surprise for Republicans.


I hope so. If the democrats have their way the borders will be opened even more
than it already is and that will be bad for Canada.


Donald Trump is doing a great job! Too bad Canada didn’t have one just like him.


Well. Trump is more popular in my family and friends than Trudeau. But no one asks us any questions about Trump. Or Trudeau. We need a Trump in Canada.

Mops Jones

We certainly do…..very much so.

Ivan Hawkes

Of course!!! Mr.Trump is actually doing things for the American people. Employment is way up, business is beginning to flourish. The economy is stabilizing and life is improving for the American people. Whereas Justin is busy calling Canadians ugly names. Justin is driving business away. Justin is GIVING AWAY MULTIPLES OF BILLIONS. Justin hasn’t done anything for the First Nations people who don’t even have drinking water, Justin is STILL blowing BILLIONS on the foolish Phoenix payment system that will never work. Justin should go back to part time snow board instructor work. His DRAMA doesn’t cut it, so forget… Read more »

tommy hawk

Which supports Trump’s assertation of ‘FAKE NEWS’ — much to the consternation of many, I am sure.